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WWI history

list 3 causes of WWI imperialism naturalism mitarialism
list 3 technological advancments made during WWI submarines poisin gas( mustard gas )
list 2 different ideas listed in Wilson's foreteen points redraw boundry lines free trade/goverment of surrendering nations
list 4 members of the big 4 including which country each represengted US- woodrow wilson italy- VItterio orlando england- david lioyd george france- george clemeeau
list 2 members from the allied powers englan france
list 2 members from the central powers germany austria-hungery
battles on the western front were fought in these trenches
ship that sunk by german u-boats, 128 americans killed lusitania
payments for damage caused during war reparations
US presedent duing WWI woodrow wilson
general of the american expeditionary force john pershing
word meaning ceasce fire armistice
leader of the bulshevik revolution vladimir lenin
nation building expaning an empire imperialism
assassinated to begin WWI franz ferdinand
killed the heir to the astria hungery throne gavilo princip
what is the offical starting date of WWI june 28 1914
what did the 3 entente include france england russia
what made the US declare war the zimmerman telegram
the requirement for all male citizens conscription
the germans fialed to captured who in WWI paris
who was responsible for pulling russia out of war the bolsheviks
wwi began because of a serban naturalist group called the black hand
the offical starting date of armistce day november 11 1918
what established the leage of nations the treaty of versailles
waht was the offical policy of the united states at the beginning of the war neutality
how did the US help the allied pwers win WWI blockade and the AEF and supplies
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