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4th Quarter Assesmen

US History

Describe the conditions in the middle passage. A long, hard, and dangerous journey where slaves were packed. Many diseases and deaths.
What did the Cotton Gin do? Deseed cotton faster, which brought more profit for cotton production. more slaves were needed (was the opposite of what they thought would happen)
What was the purpose of the fugitive slave act of 1850? To return runaway slaves back to their masters. Made penalties for aiding a runaway slave.
What was the outcome of the Dred Scott Case? The slaves had no rights and could not sue in federal court. Congress could not stop slavery in the new territories. (greater division between north and south)
What was the outcome of Dred Scott Case tell you about white attitudes towards african americans? Slaves were property and had no rights.
Missouri Compromise of 1820. There is a conflict in the U.S. of admitting new states: free or slave. They came up with an agreement with a dividing line. Everything north was free and everything south was slave. The goal was to balance out the states.
What was the northern economy based on? textiles and factories
What was the southern economy based on? agriculture. making cotton, rice, sugar, and tobacco.
Why were southerners upset by taxation/tariffs? They purchased a lot of goods from England and would make them very expensive
What was the role of women in the Civil War? helped with family farms. Became nurses for the wounded
What was the Anaconda Plan? a blockade of southern ports to create a strangling of the south for goods. Thus making them surrender due to lack of resources.
What was the battle of Gettysburg's Importance? was the turning point in the war for the east. Lee's forces will be on the defensive.
What was the battle of Vicksburg's Importance? split confederacy in two. Ulysses S. Grant proved to have power. Was important to gaining control of Mississippi River region. Conf. surrendered.
What was the importance of the Surrender at Appomattox? Sheratan blocks the road a Appomattox Court House. Lee surrenders to Grant due to being out numbered and surrounded
What was the goal behind Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation? to end slavery in the south
What did the 13th amendment state? to abolish slavery
What did the 14th amendment state? to declare that all people are the equal
What did the 15th amendment state? to allow all males to vote regardless of their race or color (no women)
Why was Andrew Johnson impeached? because he violated the tenure of office act by firing secretary of war
What was the attitude of white southerners towards Federal soliders/troops occupying the south? they resented the north from occupying the south