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MN Hist Ch. 11 & 12

Minnesota History Ch. 11 & 12 Vocab

Little Crow Dakota Chief who led in the war against America even though he had told his people not to fight.
Alomina Hurd Farmer whose husband, Phineas, was killed by Dakota. She escaped with her children even though her hired man was shot
The Hired Man The Hurd's hired man who was shot and killed by Dakota
Big Eagle (WAM-MDI-TAN-KA) A Dakota who fought at Fort Ridgely said "We thought the fort was the door to the valley, but the defenders of the fort were brave and kept door shut."
Good Star Woman A Dakota who remembered the Fort Ridgely fight. She was 8 years old and put in a trench to be safe from attack by either side - did not want to be part of it
One Who Appears son of Little Crow - watched his father die in the fight
Cloud Man First Dakota to try farming
"Minnesota Massacre" Dakota war where 500 settlers may have died
"Straight Tongue" Henry Benjamin Whipple - Episcopal minister - spoke out against taking revenge on Dakota
Fort Ridgely small outpost on bluff above MN River - No walls, few soldiers and 2 cannons with a man who knew how to shoot it
Men's work Pioneer farming meant heavy work in the fields, plowing, planting & harvesting. Also repaired buildings or tools and cared for animals
Women's work It was never done because she worked from dawn to dusk and it only ended when her strength ran out
Cyrus McCormick Built a Reaper that could cut grain faster than 12 men
One discouraged Brown County woman Crops were eaten by grasshoppers year after year - had to sell everything to buy more seed and wound up with nothing
Ignatius Donnelly served in congress in 1860's - started several newspapers and wrote books - MN favorite speaker. Tried starting new town of Nininger
Eva McDonald Young woman from Minneapolis. In 1889 she spoke for Farmers Alliance. She could not vote or be a member. Was blunt, spiteful with a temper. She made many enemies
Oliver H. Kelley Farmer who believed in scientific farming. In 1867 he helped found "Patrons at Husbandry" or Grange
Caroline Hall Young Wright County teachers - niece of Oliver H. Kelley
Hamlin Garland Author who wrote about growing up on a new farm near the border of Iowa. Remembered the work as grim
Oren C. Gregg Spent most of his life teaching others farming. Grew up in Vermont; was first a minister then decided on farming. After the Civil war he moved to southern MN