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The Other Wes Moore

The Other Wes Moore vocab. and information

The author's older sister Nikki
The other Wes' mother Mary
The author's mother Joy
The author's younger sister Shani
The country where the author's mother was born Jamaica
City where both Weses were born Baltimore
The other Wes's older brother Tony
The name of the military academy Valley Forge
State where the military academy is located Pennsylvania
Suburb of New York City where the author moves Bronx
Name of the other Wes's first girlfriend Alicia
The name of the other Wes' second girlfriend Cheryl
Name of the prison where Wes is serving time Jessup
Career Wes learned in a job core program carpentry
object Wes built for his daughter playhouse
Name of the private school the author first attended Riverdale
Name of the scholarship the author received Rhodes
Name of the student who "set up" the author to run away from the academy Austin
Name of the college sophomore who would mentor the author at the academy Captain Hill
Name of policeman who was killed Bruce Pothero
Object Wes tried to use to "send a message" when a boy punched him during a game knife
State where both Weses were born Maryland
Type of store that was robbed when the police officer was killed jewelry
Number of children that Wes had before the age of twenty-one four
Number of children that the police officer had five
Name of university where both Mary and the author get accepted Johns Hopkins