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History Semester

Test Next Tuesday!

What is the word for trickle-down economics? Suppy-Side Economics
Popular music from the 1920's, syncopation and improvisation Jazz
The belief that one's native land needs to be protected from immigrants Nativism
Challenged traditional values-behavior, particularly the status of Women New Morality
A religious movement derived from Christian pamphlets Fundamentalism
Belief that humans developed from lower forms of life, over millions of years Theory of Evolution
Belief that God created the world according to the Bible Creationism
Federal law that gave government the power to police alcohol Volstead Act
Ammendment that prohibited the sale, manufacture, and consumption of alcoholic beverages 18th
New York City neighborhood that became the heart and soul of the African American Renaissance Harlem Renaissance
Warren G. Harding won the 1920 presidential election promising a return to: normalcy
Most noted of the Hardiing administration scandals, was one that involved an illegal oil reserve lease, a $300,000 bribe, and an expensive Senate investigation: Teapot Dome
Applying business principles to government, the Coolidge administration was able to accomplish all of the following, except: Lower the protective tariff
The Kellogg-Briand Pact was: A plan to settle disputes peacefully
When America dealt with foreign nations in the 1920's we: Promoted peace, limited armaments, and gave financial aid
CBS and NBC were: Radio broadcasting companies
What helped to create a farm recession during the 1920's? High yields (oversupply), falling crop prices, and poor markets (tariff)
Controversial execution that highlighted the influence of nativism during the 1920's: Sacco-Vanzetti
Pressured by nativists, the federal government passed restrictive immigration laws that enacted quotas. Quotas: Deliberately favor and exclude certain ethnic groups
Women in the 1920's challenged traditional behavior and values in: Marriages/ Relationships, Working World, and Behavior/ Fashion
Women also found new opportunities during the jazz age in all of the following, except: Politics
Trial that was sensationalized because it put the decade on trial, moral values, was call the monkey trial because of its clash over evolution and creationism, and drew much attention because it was broadcast over national public radio: The Scopes Trial
Which of the following are false about the Prohibition? a. The law was blatantly ignored and nearly impossible to reinforce b. The law was supported by religious groups c. The law hoped to reduce domestic violence and crime a. The law was blatantly ignored and nearly impossible to enforce
As a result of the Prohibition, organized crime thrived because all of the following, except: a. Gangs took control over the illegal alcohol trade b. Gangs were tied to other illegal activities that allowed the industry to flourish c. Gangs were violen b. Gangs were tied to other illegal activities that allowed the industry to flourish
What form of media grew in popularity as a result of its ability to deliver convenient news, sports, music, and serials? Radio
The movie industry also grew substantially as a form of entertainment because of what innovation? Sound
Song, dance, jazz, blues, and spirituals found a flourishing haven in this Harlem nightclub: The Cotton Club
While continuing the fight for segregation and discrimination against African Americans, this organization made jazz age triumphs in anti-lynching laws and the defeat of a racist Supreme Court Judge: NAACP
Jazz age females who broke free from traditional behavior Flappers
To buy on credit and pay the product off on smaller payments over time (considered shameful before 1920, normal after) Installment Plan
Illegal production and distribution of alcohol, prevalent in rural America, and was the birth of NASCAR Bootlegging
Divides operations into simple tasks and cuts unnecessary motion Assembly Line
Income left over after you pay off all the bills Disposable income
Secret, illegal bar during prohibition (32,000 in NYC alone) Speakeasies
President, landslide win, administration marred by scandal Warren G. Harding
US Secretary of Commerce, shaped economic policy in trade Herbert Hoover
Automobile tycoon who revolutionized the industry Henry Ford
1st man-powered flight in world history Orville Wright
1st transatlantic solo flight in 1927 Charles Lindbergh
Tennessee biology teacher arrested for teaching evolution John Scopes
Most famous jazz artist, trumpeter, New Orleans to Chicago Louis Armstrong
31st US president, WWI Food Administratioin, pro-business Republican, became Americas Depression scapegoat Herbert Hoover
Democratic candidate in the 1928 presidential election, Roman Catholic, anti-prohibitionist, soundly defeated Alfred E. Smith
American animation pioneer Walt Disney
Author of The Grapes of Wrath John Steinbeck
Three time US presidential Secretary of State who praised the stock market crash for ending easy credit Andrew Mellon
The event that marked the beginning of the Great Depression: Stock market crash
What even occurred on Black Tuesday? Large-scale stock selling caused the market to crash
Bank failures resulted from: bank speculation and risky credit loans
What was nota result of easy credit and installment buying? An uneven distribution of wealth
How much of the workforce was unemployed during the Great Depression? 1/3
What was the result of man-made disasters, severe draught, dust storms, temp extremes, grasshopped infestations, and low crop prices? The Dust Bowl
Daytime radio dramas were sponsored by: Makers of laundry soap
Who did artists and writers of the 1930's attempt to portray? Homeless and unemployed
President Hoover believed that only state/city governments should dole out: relief
The purpose of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation was: make loans to banks, businesses, and railroads
The Emergency Relief and Construction Act provided all except: a. direct relief b. public works money for jobs c. long term, low interest loans d. money for direct and indirect relief c. long term, low interest loans
Hoover's efforts to stop the Great Depression: failed to ease the crisis
When people engage in the stock market, hoping the market will rise, and they will make a quick profit Speculation
Purchasing stock with borrowed money Margin buying
When stockbrokers callin stocks that were purchased by those who borrowed to play the market Margin call
Urban masses who stood in lies waiting for a meal Breadlines
Charitable organizations that supplied meals to the urban masses during the Great Depression Soup Kitchens
Hoovervilles Shantytowns
Farms taken away by banks when people are unable to make mortgage payments Foreclosure
Oklahoma farmers who lost their farm to foreclosure during the "Dust Bowl" Okies
32nd President, creator of the New Deal, only US President to pass 15 major pieces of legislation within his first 100 days of office Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Relief administrator of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, one of FDR's most trusted advisors Harry Hopkins
Touring America, she became the conscience of FDR's administration, persuading FDR to address minority concerns Eleanor Roosevelt
Many of the New Deal programs were based upon the theories of this British financier, called Keynesianism John Maynard Keyes
FDR's administration New Deal
Insured savings accounts from bank failures: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
This highly successful New Deal program employed yout ages 18-25 for a dollar a day, working to replenish the nation's forests. The most effective program. CCC
The Public Works Administration and the Civil Works Administration provided jobs that built American infrastructure, differences did not include: Both spent about the same amount of money
Perhaps the greatest success of the 1st New Deal was: While the economy improved only slightly, American attitude changed tremendously
People criticized the New Deal for its: Being too costly, gave the federal government too much power, and did not go far enough in providing relief
The largest and most costly New Deal program, lasting from 1935-1941, at $11 billion: WPA
The law that provides pensions to the retired, disabled, elderly, and disadvantaged: Social Security
Roosevelet attempted to gain control of the US Supreme Court by: Adding requirements allowing him to increase the number of justices
Roosevelt's court-packing scheme was: not supported by Congress
FDR's attempt to restructure the Supreme Court, so it favored New Deal legislation court-packing
Period of Presidency when they began introducing their administrative program and push for speedy passage. (Presidential report card!) 1st 100 Days
FDR's weekly radio broadcast, helped lend hope to listeners Fireside Chats
New Deal projects that critics believed made little sense, created nothing of value, and created jobs just for the sake of creating jobs Make-work projects
Roosevelt's advisors, helped him experiment/ write the New Deal relief programs the Brain Trust
When an administration abandons a balanced budget, and begins to borrow money to pay for large, government programs Deficit spending
The "night of broken glass" the German Gestapo arrested thousands, destroyed property, and confiscated valuable possessions from Jews Kristallnacht
German military strategy to sweep through the neutral European countries (Lightning War) Blitzkrieg
The German Air Force Luftwaffe
German camps where the feeble/youth were sent to be gassed and incinerated, or face a firing squad Extermination Camps
Radical, left-winged dictators came to power in numerous European and Asian nations because they used force and intimidation, used the depression to build political support, and the Treaty of Versailles set the stage for WWII. They did not come to power: because they wanted to bring peace and prosperity to all classes and races
The aggressive nationalist movement in Europe that involved building a great empire through social order, unification of the working class, and a strong military is called: Fascism
In an effort to silence all opposition to communist principles, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin established concentration camps that estimates the death of 8-10 million. Today, this is referred to as: The Great Purge
What did storm troopers who used intimidation to build party support, the National Socialist German Worker's Party, and gaining control of the German Parliament (Reichstag) mark? Adolf Hitler's rise to power
The 1930's Neutrality Acts built support in America for: Isolationism and Neutrality
In an effort to check Hitler's growing power, European leaders appease Germany at the: Munich Conference
WWII actually began in 1939, when Nazi Germany invaded the city of Danzig in: Poland
Out of funds to fight on, British asked America to help. On FDR's urging, Congress appropriates $40 billion in a program FDR referred to as a good neighbor policy: Lend/Lease
America's entry into WWII came as a result of an attack on a US naval base in: Hawaii
Dictator of Italy, II DUCE Benito Mussolini
Communist Dictator in Russia Joseph Stalin
Dictator of Germany, DER FEHRUR Adolf Hitler
Dictator of Spain Gen. Francisco Franco
American President FDR
Prime Minister of Great Britain Winston Churchill
After Pearl Harbor, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill believed that an Allied victory depended upon: The American economy
Who found numerous incentives to get businesses to move quickly, gave cost-plus contracts, a percentage of profits, and loans to convert factories though the RFC in order to ensure rapid mobilization of the economy in America? The National Defense Advisory Committee
Nearly one-third of all military equipment made during the war was manufactured: by the automobile industry
Roosevelt decided to invade Morrocco and Algeria in order to accomplish battle experience, help the British defeat the North Afrika Corps, and establish a Mediterranean base. What did this not accomplish? Avoid having to invade Japan
The turning point in Europe when Soviets retake this city (Battle of Rats): Stalingrad
What tragic event after the Japanese capture of the Philippines in 1942 helped forge a stronger relationship between the Filipino and American people? The Bataan Death March
The 1943 Zoot-suit riots in California were aimed at what ethnic youth group? Mexican American
The greatest violation of civil liberties druing WWII came with the forced relocation of 110,000 people of ______ ancestry, onto internment relocation camps in the American Southwest. Japanese Americans
Monthly coupon books allocating blue, red, and green points were a system for: rationing goods
During WWII Americans purchased over $150 billion in E-bonds in order to: loan the government money to pay for the war
The final phase of war in Europe was an invasion in France on June 6, 1944. 7,000 ships, 100,000 soldiers, and 23,000 paratroopers launch this attack at: Normandy
This attack, along a six mile stretch of beaches, was code-named: D-Day
May 7, 1945 the German General Staff accepts unconditional surrender, May 8, the official end to fighting is celebrated as: V-E Day
What was the fate of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in the last days of the war: suicide
The Pacific Fleet led by Adm. Nimitz advanced by "Island Hopping" which included a haphazard advance, taking large, strategic islands first, and cutting off smaller islands from Japanese supply lines. What did it not include? An intricate, systematical naval pattern
America became the first nation to successfully enter the atomic age in July of 1945. The project to build atomic weapons was called: The Manhattan Project
On August 6, 1945 between 80 and 100 thousand people died after a B-29 bomber dropped the first of 2 atomic bombs on this Japanese industrial city: Hiroshima
On August 15, 1945, Japan unconditionally surrenders: V-J Day
50 nations officially charter a world organization to promote peace called: The United Nations
International MIlitary Tribunals offically punished individuals responsible for the war. The largest trial was held in the birthplace of Hitler's Nazi Party, the city of: Nuremburg
Skyscraper builder who built Liberty Ships, using welds and prefabricated parts, allowing the US to build a two-ocean navy Henry Kaiser
US General, Supreme Commander of all Allied forces, and leader of operations in Sicily, Italy, and Normandy Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower
Japanese suicide pilots kamikaze
The B-29 that dropped atomic bombs on Japan Enola Gay
Nickname of American soldiers during WWII, related to the government issued uniforms and equipment G.I.'s
Female symbol portrayed in Govt. propoganda, newfound opportunity for women in the workforce Rosie the Riveter
The US/USSR began to compete for global power and influence, had differing political and economic systems, and developed a huge distrust and fear of each other. What war did this contribute to? The Cold War
Where did Truman release news that the US had developed atomic weapons? The Potsdam Conference
Winston Churchill coined the term Iron Curtain in reference to the growing division between: Eastern and Western Europe
The doctrine of Containment aimed to: limit Soviet expansion recovery of Europe
The Truman doctrine resulted in: money for Turkey/Greece to fight communism
By easing economic hardship in Europe, the Marshall Plan hoped to: punish Germany
The Soviet blockade of Berlin was broken by a: massive allied airlift
What was formed for the purpose of mutual defense? NATO
In response to the formation of NATO, the Soviet Union formed its own military alliance: The Warsaw Pact
What was won by the Communist Chinese: The Chinese Revolution
Where were North and South Korea divided into American/ Soviet zones? Along the 38th parallel
In 1995, solid evidence of several acts of spying and espionage were revealed by a secret federal project tracking messages between the US and USSR in the 1940's. It was called: Project Verona
Who were people afraid of because he had a list of communist sympathizers in government, badgered and bullied people, and employed the "witch hunt"? Senator Joseph McCarthy
To prevent Communist revolutions in developing countries like Guatemala and Iran, Eisenhower used: covert operations
The new Soviet leader in 1956 was Nikita Khrushchev. After taking power in Russia he: Spoke of "Peaceful Coexistence"
In 1957 the Eisenhower Doctrine offered military aid to: Any Middle East/ North African nation fighting Communist aggression
33rd US President following FDR, used Atomic Bomb to end WWII in Japan Harry S. Truman
Communist Chinese leader, established in the People's Republic China on the mainland in 1949 Mao Zedong
Nationalist Chinese leader established in Democratic Republic of China on the island of Taiwan in 1949 Chiang Kai-shek
WWII Army General in the Pacific, Hero, was relieved of his command by Truman in 1953 for disobeying orders Gen Douglas MacArthur
Director of the Cental Intelligence Agency, led the hunt for "communist sympathizers in government and society J. Edgar Hoover
34th US President followed Truman, reduced the US Defense Budget, More Bang for Our Buck! Dwight D. Eisenhower
Russian leader who seized power in 1956, critical of Stalin's harsh leadership, advocated for peaceful coexistence Nikita Khrushchev
American spy pilot shot down over the USSR in 1958 Francis Gary Powers
Eastern European nations, fell to Communist rule after WWII Soviet Satellites
European aid, to rebuild economics and contain Communism Marshall Plan
$400 million pledge to contain Communism in Eastern Europe Truman Doctrine
Writers and directors imprisoned for failing to answer Hollywood Ten
US government agency that carries out covert operations Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
DMZ, longest fortified border in the world Demilitarized Zone
Failing to follow the orders of a superior Insubordination
Soviet satellite, 1st to border Earth SPUTNIK
Nuclear threats to the verge of war, without actually going to war Brinkmanship
As a result of the GI Bill, many returning servicemen: received government loans to buy houses and businesses
After WWII labor unrest was triggered by: rising inflation
In 1947, the conservative federal congress set out to curb the power of organized labor by passing: Taft-Hurley
What did Eisenhower cut federal spending to in order to balance the federal budget? (Creeping Socialism) government work projects
American-Canadian waterway to aid international shipping: Great Lakes- St. Lawrence Seaway
The incredible prosperity of the 50s was evidenced by: average income increase, more disposable income, and rise in income of all classes
Which industries contributed to the evolvement of a new youth culture, new forms of music/poetry, and new youth markets in the 1950s? Television and Advertising
Which social change did rock n' roll not contribute to? Segregation
The American Dream: move to the suburbs
What era contributed to population increase, emphasis on children, and was created in part by the GI Bill? The Baby Boom
Television in the 50s portrayed: African American and women roles that reinforced stereotypes
The decline of the inner city was inadvertently due to: migration, creation of the projects and discrimination
Due to the Bracero Program during the 40s and 50s the country witnessed a sharp rise in immigrants from: Mexico
Studies of life in Appalachia revealed high rates of infant mortality and: Nutritional deficiency
Planned, residential communities outside of the city Suburbs
Suit and Tie office jobs White-collar jobs
Infection fighting medicine that eradicated disease antibiotics
Critics of conformity to society and pop culture Beat Movement
Minimum income required to support a family Poverty Line
Government policy that required Native Americans to enter mainstream society Termination Act
Antisocial or criminal behavior of 1950s youth Juvenile Delinquency
Cultural separation between parents and children Generation Gap
Scientist who rid the world of polio by inventing an injectable and oral vaccine Albert Sabin and Jonas Salk
Coined the phrase "Rock n' Roll" and the "King" of Rock n' Roll Alan Freed and Elvis Presley
During the 1960 election campaign, television aired its first: presidential debate
What was Kennedy asking when he stated "The torch has been passed to a new generation. My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" ? For citizens to get more involved in helping others
Kennedy's legislative agenda: New Frontier
Which of Kennedy's stances made progressive democrats disagree with him? Education stance
Kennedy's Presidential Panel on Mental Retardation recommended: grants and funding for research and treatment centers
Which two US Supreme Court cases took federal jurisdiction over cases involving the redrawing of electoral districts, forced states to redraw election districts under court standards, and is referred to as the One Man, One Vote principle? Baker v. Carr and Reynolds v. Sims
Court case that established Miranda rights: Miranda v. Arizona
Relating to schools and separation of church and state, the Warren Court: stated schools could not compose and require students to recite official prayers
What did Kennedy's Flexible Response plan call for? a buildup of conventional weapons
Which JFK program sent volunteers abroad to lend technical and medical assistance in developing countries? The Peace Corp
What program was a series of cooperative aid projects to improve relations with Latin American nations? The Alliance for Progress
What did the Bay of Pigs scandal cause? Kennedy's image was tarnished
As a result of what incident did Kennedy agree to remove US missiles from Turkey? The Cuban Missile Crisis
The purpose of the Warren Commission was to investigate: conspiracy allegations in the Kennedy assassinations
Lyndon Baines Johnson's plan for social reform: Great Society
LBJ's goals for a better America were supported by: his poor background, his belief in Kennedy's programs and that a wealthy government helps the less fortunate
Allowing those with disabilities to find their useful place in society Developmentally disabled
American astronauts put the US ahead in the space race by orbiting the Earth, called the 1st Apollo mission Apollo
Home to the Kennedy Space Center and the US space program National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA)
Lunar module used by American astronauts to land on the moon The EAGLE
35th US President, won 1960 election with youthful ideas JFK
Poor TV image brought a tight election loss to JFK in 1960 Richard Nixon
US Supreme Court Justice, noted liberal rulings Earl Warren
"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Neil Armstrong
Embittered Marxist, arrested as the Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald
36th US President, JFK's Vice President, "War on Poverty!" LBJ
What was not a reason that African Americans found greater freedoms during WWI and WWII? All US servicemen were allowed national access to all public/ private accommodations
Which court case outlawed segregation in public education? Brown v. The Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas
What did African Americans do as a result of Rosa Parks being arrested for not giving her seat up to a white woman? led a successful bus boycott
What non-violent, resistance group did African American ministers and churches mobilize in 1957? SCLC
In Little Rock, Arkansas, the governor tried to prevent African American students from entering an all white, Central High School by: deploying the National Guard
The organization founded by college campus civil rights activists was: CORE
Who were the black and white college students who traveled south hoping to draw attention to bus terminals that refused to integrate and were met by angry mobs and violence Freedom Riders
What helped pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964? The March on Washington
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 did little to: guarantee the right to vote
Black power leaders preached: cultural pride
Black Muslims preached: social separation
Black Panthers preached: armed revolution
1st African American given a judgeship Thurgood Marshall
Arrested for refusing to give up her seat Rosa Parks
Mississippi civil rights leader whose assassination pushed Kennedy to enact civil rights legislation Medgar Evers
Leader of the Black Muslims, assassinated for changing his beliefs on integration Malcom X
State laws that reinforced segregation across the South Jim Crow Laws
When areas without segregation practice it by tradition de facto segregation
African American students who were at first refused, then eventually allowed to integrate in Little Rock school Little Rock Nine
A congressional process that attempts to talk a bill to death, the speaking debate blocks a vote on a bill filibuster
African American neighborhood in LA where a race riot broke out Watts
Which amendment outlawed poll taxes as a voting requirement? 24th
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