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Mr. Nauman's class

Rock and Roll firing rifle full automatic
C-Rats canned food or combat ration
Klick kilometer
KIA killed in action
LZ landing zone
The Wall Vietnam Memorial
KIA killed in action
Rock and roll firing rifle full automatic
C-rats canned food or combat ration
Klick kilometer
The Wall Vietnam Memorial
Punji Stick sharp bamboo stick
Punji Stick sharp bamboo stick
Slick Huey helicopter
Flack Jacket protective vest
Tunnel Rat troops crawl in tunnel to find enemy
Hanoi Hilton North Vietnam prison
C4 Plastic explosives
Napalm Gasoline bombs
VCR Vietnam Cong
Short, short Your time is about up
Grunts Ground troops
Dust off Medvac pick up of injured
AK-47 Soviet assault rifle
Agent Orange Poison/herbicide
The Straight Skinniest The truth
POW Prisoner of war
MIA Missing in action
Rack attack Sleepiness
AWOL Absent without leave
Moonsoons Rainy season
Number of nurses killed in Vietnam 8
This brought war into people's living rooms TV
Supported France financially while in Vietnam United States
Drummer who became part of Fab Four Ringo Star
Manager of the Beatles Brian Epstein
Enemy artillery firing at you Incoming
If one falls there will be another Domino theory
They could blend in with civilians VCR
On the eastern border of Vietnam Cam Ranh Bay
Military advantages VC had over Americans Blended in, knew terrain, would not give in
5 military strategies Americans used in Vietnam Napalm,Agent Orange, bombing, search and destroy, when the hearts and minds...
Leader of South Vietnam NGO Dinh Diem
He made the decision to escalate the war in Vietnam LBJ
Borders Vietnam to the west Cambodia
Hang up Another name for a problem
Number of Beatles in the original group 5
Number of soldiers who died of non-hostile events in Vietnam Ten thousand
Number of American MIAs when war ended 2338
The space between what was happening and what was reported Credibility gap
Set himself on fire in Saigon Buddhist monk
Created by: hwzone