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Final for 2013

Mrs. Frost Final Test Preparation

What is the responsibility of the Legislative Branch in the state of Georgia? to discuss and vote on bills that will become law
Most of the work done in the legislative branch is done in the Committees
Which branch in Georgia's Government employs the most Georgia State workers? Executive
What is the most important responsibility of the executive branch? enforcing the laws of Georgia
What is the most important responsibility of the judicial branch? to make sure laws passed by the Legislative and signed by Governor are constitutional
Which higher court in the judicial court system is connected to the Juvenile Courts? Superior
The main difference between a misdemeanor and a felony is amount of fine, sentence, or both
All of the following were part of the Bourbon Triumvirate except for Tom Watson
The only party with power in the state of Georgia was the _____________ party. This party was split into the Bourbons and the Independents. Democratic
Rebecca Felton worked to promote one idea and worked against the use of something else. What pair are these? For Suffrage, Against Alcohol (Temperance)
What idea did Henry Grady speak about and write about to promote the economics of GA? New South
The Felton's and other Independent Democrats worked to change laws that had to do with child labor, Convict Lease System and education they did not work against_________. Jim Crow Laws
Tom Watson pushed the ____law through the US Congress to give farmers and rural residents free mail delivery. RFD
which voter representative system was used in GA after Reconstruction and through most of the 20th Century? County Unit System
Jim Crow laws kept blacks and whites separate in trains, theatres, and restaurants but did not separate the races in ___________. Prisons
Which Supreme Court case made Jim Crow laws legal in America? Plessy V Ferguson
What did the Supreme Court ruling (Plessy) say about segregation? Separate but Equal
Which prison system used after Reconstruction was a way to use previous slaves to build the economy of GA? Convict Lease System
Which trial in Atlanta was about a murder of a young girl in a pencil factory? Leo Frank Trial
Which Early Civil Rights leader was a college president at one of the first Black Colleges in Atlanta? John Hope
Which Early Civil Rights leader is credited with the idea of the Talented Tenth? W. E. B. DuBois
What was the main idea of the Talented 10th? top 10 percent of educated African Americans would share knowledge with other 90%.
the Niagara Movement changed America by starting a new organization in 1909 called the NAACP
Which Atlanta Mayor is credited with the initial building of the Atlanta Airport? Hartsfield
Ivan Allen, Jr. kept the city of Atlanta calm during this time of unrest in the city. Civil rights movement
Who never participated in Black Power riots or demonstrations? Dr. King
The first state income tax was enacted by this governor for use in education in the state. H. Talmadge
Farmers who own some or all of their equipment and animals but no land are called _______. Tenant farmers
Which 3 men claimed to be governor at the same time? H. Talmadge, M. Thompson, E. Arnall
What are the 3's P's of GA Agriculture? Peanuts, pecans, peaches
Which two regions are most important as agricultural areas in GA? Piedmont and Coastal Plains
This legislation gave education and training opportunities to vets from the 20th Century Wars. G. I. Bill
What is another name for October 29, 1929? Black Tuesday
What Georgia crop, devastated by an insect, falling prices, and prolonged drought saw a rapid decline from 1915-1930? Cotton
During the Depression, President Roosevelt promised he to provide this for every American and himself. New Deal
Farmers who own nothing but know how to farm are called __________________. Sharecroppers
There were several New Deal programs we studied, which one helped farmers? AAA
Which Georgia governor like Roosevelt at first but then saw him as a threat? E. Talmadge
What was the average Americans role in created the Great Depression? They charged too much on credit
What effectively ended the Great Depression? WWII
Which Georgia town did President Roosevelt visit to find comfort for his polio? Warm Springs
Gov. E. Talmadge called this president a socialist and disagreed with his Great Depression recovery policies. Franklin Roosevelt
Which word means a nation's policy of extending its boundaries? Expansionism
Which event brought America into WWII? bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1940
Which city's bus line was affected by the 1955 Bus Boycott? Montgomery
Which organization was Rosa Parks an officer for before her arrest? NAACP
Which two men most directly influenced Dr. King's life? Gandhi and Mays
Which two decades saw the greatest changes in the Civil Rights Movement? 1950's 1960's
This organization was founded by Dr. King to promote leadership in the civil rights movement. SCLC
What Supreme Court case prompted the GA Legislature to change the state flag? Brown V Board
He was a mentor to Dr. King and wrote "Seeking to be Christian in Race Relations". Dr. Ben Mays
Which governor worked to integrate Georgia's public schools peacefully? Vandiver
Which group, working for Gov. Vandiver helped decrease resistance to integrating schools? Sibley Commission
When the County Unit System was found to be unconstitutional, GA elections finally saw A Two Party System
What event began the Civil Rights Movement in 1954? Brown V. Board
Which movement was developed to end all types of segregation in Albany, GA? Albany Movement
The Goals of the March on Washington were Fair Voting, Fair Education and Employment and ____. Meaningful Civil Rights Laws
Because of her arrest in December, 1955, a bus boycott started the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama. Rosa Parks
What were the young men and women, black and white who rode segregated buses from the north to the south called? Freedom Riders
What is the smallest geographic region in GA? Appalachian Plateau
What mineral, Found on the fall line, has one of the most important benefits for GA? Kaolin
Which region is mostly know for agriculture, deep water ports, the Okefenokee Swamp and naval stores? Coastal Plains
Which two types of seasons define GA Climate? Mild winters, Long Humid summers
Atlanta has 3 major modes of transportation; interstate highways, international airport, and railroads, BUT it does NOT have Deep water ports
Created by: geohist