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Con. Quiz 3

State Constiution Quiz 3

How many state Representatives do we send to Washington D.C. 19
What is the name of the Illinois Legislative Branch General Assembly
How many people make up the Illinois Senate 59
How many Appellate Court districts exist in Illinois 5
How many Judicial Circuits exist in Illinois 22
Which branch is responsible for passing legislation involving state policy Legislative
Which branch of the Illinois Government controls the budget of the State Executive
Which branch of the Illinois Government interprets the Illinois Constitution Judicial
This office is the chief fiscal operator of the state Comptroller
What is the biggest budget item from the all funds total in the state of the Illinois Healthcare and Family Services
What is the biggest form of revenue in the state of the Illinois Federal Aid
Who sets educational policies for the state The Illinois State Board of Education
Question Total: 1 point Each Legislative District in the state of Illinois is composed of how many senate districts? How many representatives districts 1 and 2
State senators are elected every how many years 6
The Governor can kill the bill by Vetoing it
What Illinois Senatorial District does our school sit in 40th
What are the three courts within the Illinois Judicial Branch Supreme, Appellate, Circuit
Illinois Appellate Court judges are elected for ______ year terms 10
Who is in charge of each of the Circuit Courts Cheif Judge
When did the most recent Constitution become effective July 1, 1971
Which Amendment changed the voting age 5th
Which Amendment to the 1970 Constitution allows the court to deny bail to citizens who may pose a threat to the danger of the community 4th
Which Amendment to the 1970 Constitution allows the judges to deny bail to persons who are responsible for crimes carrying life sentences 3rd
The Illinois State Constitution mandates that voters be given the opportunity to call a constitutional convention every _____ years 20
How many sections are there in the first Article of the Illinois Constitution 24
Which article of the Illinois Constitution protects the Citizens Rights I
Berenice owns a resturant and is hiring but will only interview people over 18. Is this legal Yes
If the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor were tragically killed in a plane accident. What would be the correct order of Gubernatorial Succession Attorney General, Secretary of State
Appellate court ruling will overrule the rulings of the Supreme Court False
St. Anne would be referred to as a 'Municipality' True
Who has the power to raise Revenue in the state by law General Assembly
Who is the commander and chief of the state militia The Governor
Which of the following is not a Branch of the Illinois Government Government Branch
What is the state slogan Land of Lincoln
This article is about State Power II
Who selects the Supreme Court Chief Justice The other Supreme Court Members
What is our 2nd biggest form of Revenue Income Tax
What is the second capital of Illinois Vandialia
Which Article deals with the states revenue IX
Who is John Cullerton President of the Senate
Created by: Monster2121
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