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social Studies

Social Studies Unit 29

Segregation The separation of people from different races
NAACP National Association for Colored People
Thurgood Marshall Chief lawyer for NAACP
Brown v. Board of Ed of Topeka, Kansas Reached Supreme Court in Dec. 1952 Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional to separate schoolchildren by race
Integrating Bringing races together
Orval Faubus Opposed integration
Rosa Parks Boarded a bus and sat in a white spot. She was African American. Arrested.
Boycott Refusal to use
Civil disobedience Refusal to obey laws that are considered unjust
SCLC Southern Christian Leadership Conference
Jan. 1961 John F. Kennedy becomes 35th president
New Frontier Group of proposals involving special programs
November 22, 1963 J.F.K. is assassinated
Lyndon B. Johnson Became next president
Poverty line minimum income needed to survive
Medicare & Medicaid Medicare helped pay for medical care for senior citizens. Medicaid helped poor people pay their hospital bills.
Sit-in Act of protesting by sitting down
Interstate busses Those that crossed state lines
Malcolm X Leader in the nation of Islam
April 4, 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated
Feminists Activists for women's rights
Sandra Day O'Connor First female justice of the Supreme Court
LULAC League of United Latin American Citizens
NCAI National Congress of American Indians
Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 Formally protected the constitutional rights of all native Americans
AIM American Indian Movement
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