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Lesson 1: Part IV

English Colonization of North America, Phase II

George Fox Shoemaker with a powerful belief that helped with the Quaker's success.
Quakers Radical religious sect, upheaval during the English Civil War. Believed anyone's interpretation of the Scripture was as valid as anyone else's.
William Penn Quaker, believed in the Inner Light. Eventually led the Quaker's to Pennsylvania.
Lenni Lenape Delaware Indians. Penn learned to native tongue so he could trade with the Indians without any misinterpretations(Needed their land).
Holy Experiment Quaker attempt to establish a community for themselves in Pennsylvania.
Savannah Indians
Anthony Ashley Cooper Persuaded Carolinians to invest their own capital; devised the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina.
New Amsterdam (New York City) Dutch West India Company outpost on Manhattan Island.
Leisler's Rebellion German American merchant and militia captain Jacob Leisler seized control of New York colony's south.
French Huguenots Located in Craven County, did not trust the Barbadians.
Barbados Caribbean Island which produced sugar and depended on slave labor. Became over populated and people turned to Carolina.
Edmund Andros Royal governor who had autocratic control over the New York colony.
patroon system distributed large tracts of land to individuals, who in turn had rights to the land, its resources, and the people living on the land.
Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina Cooper a created local aristocracy; "Balance of Government" between aristocracy and democracy.
Frame of Government (Pennsylvania) Gave Penn the right to create any form of government he wanted.
Inner Light Quaker belief: people could attain greater spiritual perfection with the help of the Lord. Anyone could be saved.
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