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La famille

Words to do with family and personal relationships

Sûr Safe, Secure
Sensible Sensitive
La rupture Break-up
Le malheur Unhappiness
Malgré Despite
Mal Badly, not very well
Interdit Forbidden
L’égoïsme selfishness
Encourager To encourage
Se disputer To argue, to dispute
S’énerver To lose one's temper
Ferme Firm
Intenable Unbearable
L’incertitude Uncertainty
S’installer To set up, to become established
Décontracté Relaxed
De plus en plus More and more
La culpabilité Blame, Guilt
Crier To shout
les conseils (mpl) Advice
Conduire à To lead to
Citer To quote, to state
Le bouleversement Upheavel
En boîte Nightclub
Les beaux-enfants Stepchildren
Assurer To ensure, to guarentee
Apparaître To appear, to surface
L'ambience Atmosphere, environment
Accorder To grant, to give
Ne que Only
Ne Rien Nothing
Nier To deny
Quant aux copains As for (their) mates
Plusieurs Several
Penser à To think of/ about
Pas forcément la faute de Not necessarily the fault of