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S.S-American History

Test- Friday, May 17, 2013

mercantilism economic policy that says a country gets strong by having more export than import and hold on to as much as possible
import bringing things in
export taking things our
in mercantilism colonies exist: to make money for the mother country
navigation acts laws that control trade for english and colony trade, made by english for colonies
what was the purpose of the navigation act? more $$ for england
triangle trade the exchange system of goods
a triangle trade?? AFRICA=slaves-COLONIES=rum-ENGLAND=sugar-AFRICA
what are the main causes of the f&i war? (3) british want more land, fur, lumber; british and french cannot get along; no clear boarder-appl mtns??;
americans got __________ from f&i war experience
treaty of Paris 1763 ____ the war ends
because of the treaty of paris, france: looses land up to the east of the mississippi
because of the treaty of paris, spain lost _______ to the british florida
because of the treaty of paris, france gave spain: land southwest of the mississippi
because of the treaty of paris, though england has won ____ they have spent ____________ and now wants _________ to pay land, $$& resources, colonists
the proclamation line of 1763 no colonists west of the appl mtns. prevents fighting colonists and natives which would cost more $$
what were the british thinking after the proclamation line of 1763 angry @ the colonists, but yeah france has no power, we rule...
what were the britian's indian allies thinking after the proclamation line of 1763 helped the british win...got the land we deserved
what were the colonists thinking after the proclamation line of 1763 what the heck? angry theu dont get access to the land they fought/died for
sugar act 1764-tax on refined sugar, and also banned importation on other goods
stamp act 1765-tax on papers
"no taxation without representation" colonists want a say in the government
boston massacre 1770-shooting of 5 Americans by british soldiers
committee of correspondence group of leading patriots providing leadership amongst colonists who would warn about british action.
tea act 1773- monopoly on tea sales to the east india company
boston tea party 1773 colonists dumped 342 crates of british tea into boston harbor
intolorable acts 1774-series of laws sponsored by british prime minister in response to the tea party
1st contintental congress decided to help ______. boston
1st congress decided each state should organize a _______, which would be: militia, army of citizens who serve as soldiers during an emergency
battle of lexington and concord happen because british want to get __________ that the rebels are hiding. guns, ammo
2nd congress meet and set up 2 things:how does king react? olive branch petition-heck no, contintental army-furious
what was the olive branch petition? brake-up letter
what was the first battle of the american revolution? lexington and concord
where does the battle of bunker hill take place? breeds hill
why did the colonists want bunker/breeds hill? to protect boston
what happened in bunker hill? americans dug in, british went up 2ice, and one third time
what was the result of bunker hill? colonists killed 2x men, british won
Who wrote Declaration of Independence? thomas jefferson
What are the parts of the declaration of independence? intro, purpose of relationship, problems, conclusion
who was left out of the declaration of independence? women, slaves
why is saratoga a turning point? it made the french help the americans
what was the deciding battle? yorktown
What are the reasons for the win? french,motivated, didnt play rules, the distance played to their advantage
sheet on advantages and disadvantages study
Created by: bml9913