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Busby-Chapter 14

Medieval Europe

Charlemagne (742-814 A.D.)King of the Franks who was later crowned emperor of the former Roman Empire in western Europe.
William the Conqueror (c. 1028-1087)Norman king whe conquered England in 1066.
King John (1167-1216) English king whose lords forced him to agree to the Magna Carta in 1215, which limited royal power.
Domesday Book A book made in 1086 that helped King William keep track of all the people and property in England.
Middle Ages A period in European history that lased from about 500-1500 A.D.
Magna Carta An English charter (1215) that limited royal power.
Christine de Pisan A medieval writter that wrote books and peotry protesting the way male authors both glorified and insulted women.
monk A man who devotes his life to religion and lives in a monastary.
nun A woman that devotes her life to religion and lives in a convent.
monastary A community where monks live, study, and pray.
convent a community of nuns
missionary a person who teaches a religion to people with different beliefs
monarch a government in which a king, queen, or emperor has spremem power
serf a person who lived on and farmed feudal land
knight feudal warrior trained and prepared to fight on horseback
chivalry a knight's code of behavior
guild group of craftspeople or merchants who are united by a common interest
lady a women of nobility
feudalism a social, political, and economic system used in the middle ages
manor system in the Middle Ages, a way to mange feudal lands
three-field rotation in the Middle Ages a system whereby the planting of crops on manor lands alternates between three fields
Alexius Comnenus 1048–1118 Byzantine emperor who appealed to the pope for Christian knights to fight against the Turks. p. 407
Urban II c. 1035–1099 Pope who issued a plea to free the Holy Land Palestine from the Turks, launching the Crusades. p. 407
Marco Polo c. 1254–1324 Venetian merchant, world traveler, and writer who remained in China as a guest for 17 years. p. 409
epidemic a disease that spreads quickly (p. 410)
Crusades major military expeditions by Christians to win back control of Palestine (Holy Land) and to protect the Byzantine Empire (p. 407)
Silk Road a trading route that connected Europe and lands of the former Roman Empire with China (pp. 112, 409)
Plague an attack of bubonic plague that killed about 25–30 percent of Europe’s population from 1347 to 1352 (p. 410)
bubonic plague an epidemic spread to humans by fleas from rats (p. 410)
Created by: busbyk