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Busby-Chapter 11

Byzantine Empire

hippodrome An ancient Greek stadium used for horse and chariot racing
Justinian Emperor of the Byzantine Empire that was responsible for the justinian code of laws for Rome.
Theodora Wife of Emperor Justinian that became his most trusted advisor.
cathedral large important Christian Church, an example was the Eastern Orthodox cathedral of Hagia Sophia.
icon a religious image
Justinian Code Laws of the Ancient Romans collected by Byzantine scholars and organized into a code of laws for the Byzantine Empire under Emperor Justinian.
pilgrimage a journey to a place of religious importance.
caravan a group of people and animals traveling together.
mosque A Muslim place of worship.
Islam The monotheistic religion revealed to and based on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad.
Quran The holy book of Islam.
Muslim A believer in Islam.
caliph a successor to the prophet Muhammad.
Ibn Battuta (c. 1304-1368) Great traveler and historian of the Islamic world.
astrolabe An instrument used by navigators to determine latitude.
Created by: busbyk