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Exploring: Early on

Chapter 2 section 1

Age of Exploration The period of time beginning in the late 1400s when Europeans were looking for new routes to Asia
navigate to find your way by ship or by airplane
New World The name that Europeans used to refer to the Americas
The Americas The land masses of North America, Central America and South America
Compass A tool or instrument for finding directins by first locating north
astrolabe An early scientific tool used to observe and calculate the positon of the sun and other stars
caravels Ships with large triangular sails that allowed ships to sail against the wind
Archaeologist Scientists that use artifacts to find more about other people's culture
Viking Eric the Red and Leif Ericsson were called _______ and explored Iceland and Greenland
Henry the Navigator He was not actually an explorer but started a school to teach navigation
Bartolomeu Dias This explorer made it to the Cape of Good Hope when looking for a trade route to Asia
Vasco da Gama This explorer from Portugal made it around the Cape of Good Hope and to India when looikng for a trade route to Asia
Created by: srandall