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Vietnam War


Vietminh Vietnamese Communists who fought for Vietnamese independence from France
domino theory idea that if a nation falls under Communist control, nearby nations will also fall under Communist control
Geneva Accords(1954) peace agreement that divided Vietnam into Communist N. Vietnam & non Communist S. Vietnam
Ngo Dinh Diem S. Vietnam's anti-Communist, Catholic president who cancelled elections in 1956
Vietcong S. Vietnamese Communists who fought against S. Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh Trail jungle path along the borders of Vietnam, Laos, & Cambodia used by N. Vietnam to supply arms to Vietcong
Tonkin Gulf Resolution(1964) gave the president broad powers to wage war in Vietnam
Robert McNamara Secretary of Defense, advised president on escalation of Vietnam War
Dean Rusk Secretary of State, advised president on escalation of Vietnam War
Wiliam Westmoreland US General, requested more troops
napalm gasoline based substance used in bombs that the US dropped in Vietnam to burn away jungle
Agent Orange a leaf killing chemical sprayed by US planes to expose Vietcong hideouts
search-and-destroy missions US military raids on S. Vietnamese villages to find Vietcong. Often resulted in destruction of village & displacement of villagers
credibility gap the difference between what is said & what is actually being done that created public distrust of government
New Left youth dominated political movement of the 1960's such as: Students for a Democratic Society & the Free Speech Movement
dove a person who opposed the Vietnam War & believed the US should withdraw
hawk a person who supported US involvement in the Vietnam War & believed US should increase military support
Tet Offensive (1968) massive surprise attack by the Vietcong on S. Vietnamese towns & cities during lunar new year truce
Vietnamization Nixon's strategy for ending US involvement in Vietnam War, included gradual withdrawal of US troops
Silent majority Nixon's term for moderate, mainstream Americans who quietly supported his policies
Pentagon Papers document leaked to press in 1971 revealing US government was not honest about its intentions in the Vietnam War
Henry Kissinger advisor to President Nixon who helped negotiate US withdrawal from Vietnam
War Powers Act(1973) law limiting a president's right to send troops into battle without consulting Congress
My Lai Massacre US troops killed over 100 innocent Vietnamese(mostly women & children) as ordered by their commanders
Hubert Humphrey Johnson's Vice President who ran as Democratic candidate in 1968 presidential elections
George Wallace third party candidate in the 1968 presidential elections
Robert Kennedy New York Democratic senator who chose not to run in the primary elections against Johnson
Eugene McCarthy Ran in Democratic primary elections against Johnson, but lost by a slim margin
Free Speech Movement antiestablishment New Left organization that originated in a 1964 clash between students & administrators at the Univesity of CA at Berkeley
Ho Chi Minh Communist leader of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War
Dien Bien Phu(1954) French outpost in N. Vietnam where the Vietmenh defeated the French & resulted in France's withdrawal from Vietnam
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