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Social Studies

Civil War Facts

What battle did Stonewall Jackson receive his FATAL wound ? The Battle of Chancellorsville
How many people died in the Battle of Shiloh? 23,000
When did the 1st major battle of the Civil War, the Battle of Bull Run start? July 21,1861
What ships did the South use to try to defeat the Union naval forces? Ironclads
Who was the 1st woman to be an Army surgeon and receive the Congressional Medal of Honor? Mary Edwards Walker
Who became famous for working with the wounded soldiers in the North? Clara Barton
What erupted in the South as supply lines were cut off by Union armies? Bread Riots
What was the best known African American Regiment? 54th Regiment of Massachusetts
Who was the highest ranking NAVAL officer in the Union ? Admiral David Farragut
When did Richmond fall? April 3,1869
How many soldiers died in the Civil War? More than 600,000
What date did Gen Robert E Lee surrender to Gen Ulysses S Grant at Appomattox? April 9, 1865
Why was Robert E Lee important to the Confederacy? He was a strong military leader and planner
What was the location of the Gettysburg Address? Pennsylvania
What was the date of the Battle of Antietam? Sept 17,1862
What date did the Emancipation Proclamation go into effect? January 1 ,1863
Who convinced officials to let women work as nurses and recruited large numbers of woman to serve? Dorthea Dix
Who was a female spy for the Union? Rose Oneal Green
What was the civil war debate about? Expansion of slavery in the western territories.
Who was the Union general that commanded the Union forces at Antietam? George McClellan
When was the General Grant's Siege of Vicksburg ? July 4, 1863
When did the British decide NOT to help the Confederacy? October 1862 after the Emancipation Proclamation
When was the Wilderness Campaign between Lt Gen Ulysses Grant and Gen Robert E Lee? May 6, 1864
When did the Union and Confederacy realize they needed need more soldiers? Within the 1st year when they realized it was going to be a long, hard war
When did President Lincoln put General Ulysses S Grant in charge of the Union army? 1863, after he took control of the Mississippi River
Created by: Streats