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Omni II Secon. Final

Omnibus II Secondary Final Exam Study Stack

Cuthbert Is the son of a Norman Knight and a the daughter of a Saxon franklin who rescues Lady Margaret from Kidnappers. He accompanies the Earl of Evesham on the Crusade as his page.
Cnut He is a cousin to Cuthbert and the a leader of a band of outlaws who accompanied the Earl of Evesham on the Crusade and help him to rescue his daughter the Lady Margaret
Earl of Evesham He is the Earl where Cuthbert lives and a distant relation to Cuthbert. He gathers his men, with Cuthbert as his page, and follows King Richard in the 3rd Crusade. He eventually leaves his daughter and estate to Cuthbert when he dies.
The Lady Margaret She is the daughter of the Earl of Evesham who is kidnapped by the Baron of Wortham’s men and is rescued by Cuthbert, Cnut and the rest of the outlaws.
Saladin The Muslim leader in the third crusade, he fought Richard, but eventually became good friends by the end. He condemned Cuthbert to slavery in the gardens of Jerusalem.
Philip Co-leader in the Crusades with King Richard. Eventually leaves the Crusade and tries to support John, Richard’s younger brother, to become king of England.
Richard the Lionheart He was the King of England and the leader of the Crusades He was a great warrior and passionate but prideful and brash.
King John He is Richard’s little brother and he tries to usurp the throne from his brother while away in the 3rd Crusade.
Frodo He is a hobbit and the bearer of the One Ring. He is on a mission to destroy the ring in Mordor
Samwise Gamgee He is a hobbit and the trusted companion of Frodo. He helps Frodo on his mission to destroy the ring and briefly becomes a ring bearer himself. He is also Frodo’s gardener. He is from all Tolkien books we studied this year except The Hobbit
Aragorn AKA Strider He is a mysterious Ranger who is really the true King of Gondor. He is truly the one who begins the age of men He is also known as Strider and walks the Paths of the Dead to help save Minas Tirith
Moria A great city of dwarves that became overpowered by evil creatures such as a Balrog which the fellowship counters.
Treebeard is the leader of the Ents. He is the oldest living creature on Middle Earth. He meets Pippin and Merry in Fangorn Forest. When he hears the news from Pippin and Merry he decides to try and rouse the Ents for a march against Isengard.
Theoden is the King of Rohan. His nephew and niece is Eomer and Eowyn. He is tempted by Saruman through Grima Wormtongue but then is saved by Gandalf the White. He dies on the fields outside of Gondor`
Faramir is the son of King Denethor and the brother of Boromir. He is not loved by his father. He is wounded and while in the house of healing, he meets Eowyn whom he marries.
Golum/Smeagol A creature who used to be like a hobbit, but when he seized the ring he quickly became overpowered by it. He moved under the misty mountains to escape the sun. He cut the ring from Frodo at Mount Doom.
Gondor Gondor was the ancient country of the Numenoreans whose pride and joy was Osgiliath until it was taken by Sauron in the first war. Dwelling ever in the Shadow of Mordor, Gondor has had to be ever-vigilant in it’s struggle for survival.
Mordor the place where Sauron rules and openly declares war on Middle Earth from. Mount Doom is located there and this is where the one Ring was created and must be destroyed at. The Tower of Barad-dur is there with the Eye!
Grima Wormtounge is a servant of Saruman. He poisoned Theoden’s thoughts and changed Theoden when he became his adviser and a worker for Saruman. He was promised Eowyn for a wife by Saruman because Grima lusted after her.
Rohirim/riders of rohan The Riders of Rohan are horseman from a land close to Isengard. They are descended from Eorl the Young and are masters of horses.
Nazgul are the nine kings of men Sauron enslaved with the one Ring. The Witch King is their leader who “lives” at Minas Morgul. They now fly on dark creatures raised by Sauron.
Ents They are tree like creatures but much stronger. They are not hasty and have a long, slow language. Treebeard is their leader. Treebeard arouses them and the Ents attack Saruman. They break down the walls and at one point held him captured in Isengard.
Shelob The creature in the Return of the King that wounded Frodo and was defeated by Sam. It is a giant spider similar to those (but even bigger) spiders found in the mirkwood forest in The Hobbit
Minas Tirith Minas Tirith is the old fortress of Gondor and home of the steward. It dwelled ever in the shadow of the Mountain of Fire and was where the final blow of Sauron’s master plan was to fall.
Men of the Mountain The Men of the Mountains are a group broke their oath, they were cursed to never die until they fulfilled their oath to the King of Gondor.
Paths of the Dead The paths of the dead are the paths taken when Aragorn decides to try to recruit the old Gondor soldiers, who only obey the true king of Gondor.
Lord Denethor The last steward of Gondor before the coming of Aragorn. He tried to test his strength against the palantir but Saron showed him the vast forces of Mordor, which led Denethor to despair. he tried to burn Faramir and himself, but Gandalf stopped him.
Barad-dur it is a tower in Mordor. (I assume) Sauron made it in a bygone time. Frodo and Sam are the only ones to behold it. No one knows for sure what it looks like or what it might hold.
Beregond Beregond was captain in the Tower Guard, who befriends Pipin, shows him the ropes and helps to rescue Faramir even though it was considered treason.
Eowyn The niece of King Theoden and sister of Eomer, killed the lord of the Nazgul and married Faramir.
Eomer The brother of Eowyn, he was adopted by his uncle Theoden, who appoints Eomer as King of Rohan. Eomer fights in the Battle of Pelennor Fields and goes with Aragorn to confront Sauron at the gates of Mordor.
Kingsfoil also known as athelas helps cure wounds from the dark lords. When heated and crushed up, it makes the room smell sweet. It is from the book The Lord of the Ring
Henry V Henry the Fifth was the old king of the English who fought the French on the field of Agincourt. Shakespeare's masterpiece, named after the man, presented an amazing speech delivered by Henry.
Richard II Richard the II is king that comes to be king at a very young age. He is spoiled and is rash. He loses France to the usurper Henry Bolingbroke, who eventually comes back from exile and kills Richard II taking the throne from him.
Llewellyn (Fluellen) A Welsh captain in the English army for Henry V in the 100 years war. Is very full of himself in the play Henry V.
Pistol Pistol was a character from William Shakespeare’s play Henry V who joins Henry’s army to fight against France.
Katherine The daughter of the King of France from Shakespeare’s play Henry V, she marries Henry V at the end of the play.
Agincourt A major victory for the English in the 100 years war. From Shakespeare's play Henry V and on the field Henry delivered his famous speech (Saint Crispin’s Day). Also the battle was amazing because the English were outnumbered by about 5 to 1.
100 Years War battle between France and England when England claims to have a right to French throne (henry V richard II).
War of the Roses A series of wars between Lancaster and York fighting for the crown as seen in Richard III.
tetrology A tetrology is a four part story or play. Shakespeare wrote 2 of these including Richard III in one, and Henry V in the other.
Shakespeare William Shakespeare is a famous playwright who wrote many famous plays including Henry V and Richard III.
Richard III was King of England for two years, from 1483 until his death in 1485 in the Battle of Bosworth Field.
Queen Margaret Character in play Richard III who was married to Henry VIII before Richard III killed him. She prophesied doom for RIchard III and his followers. Considered herself a prophetess and told the audience what to think of each of the characters.
George, Duke of Clarence He is the brother of King Edward IV and Richard III in Shakespeare's play Richard III. Richard hires murderers to kill him in the tower so he does not stand in the way of Richard inheriting the throne.
Lancastarians the Lancastrians were the followers of the Henry VI in the War of the Roses. They were represented by a Red Rose. After Edward IV ruled for 9 years, the Lancastrians threw him off the throne replaced him with Henry VI.
Yorkists The Yorkists were represented by the White Rose during the War of the Roses. They were united with the Lancastrians by Henry Tudor. Shakespeare Richard III
Buckingham Richard’s right hand man who schemed to get power with Richard throughout the play. Eventually, he was betrayed by Richard and executed as Margaret cursed.
Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth is the wife of Edward the IV. She uses her power to make her family more powerful and rich. Richard the III hates her and her family.
The Apostle Paul Paul was a great Apostle who wrote many works including the Letter to the Ephesians, Romans, and Titus.
Ephesus The greek City that paul wrote his letter Ephesians to. Paul sent the letters to help them maintain unity in the church
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