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Lesson 1: Part II

European Conquest of the Western Hemisphere

Columbian Exchange Exchange of animals, plants, food, minerals, and, of course, diseases between the Americas, Europe, and Africa.
Treaty of Tordesillas divided the world so no other country could claim land 270 leagues west of the Azores. All belong to Spain.
encomienda system Distributed large tracts of land, giving the holder complete control not only of the areas’ natural resources, but also of all indigenous people on the land.
Christopher Columbus Landed in San Salvador in 1492 in search of quicker route to Asia.
coureurs de bois (Forrest runners) Independent fur traders who developed a rich and productive economic relationship with Native Americans.
conquistadores Spanish explorers in search of the 3 G's.
Hernán Cortés conquistador; first beneficiaries of the encomienda system
Aztecs Aggressive people; conquered cities throughout the Valley of Mexico. Had great cities, elaborated sacrifices.
New Foundland Land found in the New World by European explorers.
ethnocentrism belief in the superiority of one's own ethnic group
Quebec French settlement in Canada found in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain. Migrated into the New World in search of wealth and in hopes of converting the Indians to Christianity.
Sir Walter Raleigh Claimed Roanoke as land granted by the Queen. Planned everything out for the trip to Roanoke.
Roanoke The "Lost Colony". Failed, twice.
Ferdinand and Isabella Provided political stability with defeat of Islamic invaders.
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