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Foley Chicanos

Study guide for the Chicano portion of Unit 5.

Chicano A term that has ethnic, languge, cultural, and historical context and is used to categorize Mexican Americans
Latino A language group title that refers to all Spanish speakers
Discrimination against Chicanos Forms included inability to serve on juries, segregated schools, and segregated public facilities
Educational segregation Up to 60% of Chicano students did not graduate from high school because of discrimination in school
Walkout Method of civil disobedience whereby students would vacate their school and march
Racism A form of prejudice based on skin color.
Prejudice Judging someone or something before knowing the facts about it.
Stereotype Taking one characteristic of a person and applying it to all members of a group.
La Raza Organization that mobilized Chicanos to vote and push for integration through non-violent civil disobedience.
Cesar Chavez Chicano organizer who united thousands of migrant workers to form the UFW, the largest farm workers' union, and to push for Chicano rights. Led a successful strike and boycott of California's grade growers.
LULAC Chicano organization that tried to assimilate as a means of integration.
Civil Disobedience Refusal to obey an unjust law.
Created by: mrfoley