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Irish Revolution

Final exam Irish Rev

Plenipotentiaries 5 ambassadors Dev sent to London to negotiate the treaty. Some big members were Michel Collins and Arthur Griffith.
External Association also known as document no. 2. Written by Dev as a counter to the treaty. Independent Republic who only come together on matters of common concern with Britain.
Anglo-Irish Treaty Created the Irish Free State, problem included swearing to the crown, the partition,
David Lloyd George British negiator
Mary MacSwiney After the death of her brother Terence in October 1920 on hunger strike during the height of the war, she was elected for Sinn Féin to the Cork Borough constituency (taking her seat in Dáil Éireann) in 1921. Anti-treaty.
B-Specials The Ulster Special Constabulary (USC; commonly called the "B-Specials" or "B Men'") was a reserve police force in Northern Ireland. It was set up in October 1920, shortly before the founding of Northern Ireland.
Sir James Craig MadeSpecial Powers Act 1922. Allows minister for home affair tom pass any regulation to
Collins’ Northern o Hopes to solve problems with violence. Collins promised to end boycott and IRA attacks in north. In return Collins wanted Craig to have more catholics in government jobs, and the specials disbanded. Craig didn’t hold up end of the bargain.
Education Act 1923 secular education system. Schools under state. Until November 1922 Catholic teachers got paid from Dublin.  Fully funded schools (State schools
Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC It was founded on 1 June 1922 out of the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC).
Iregulars Irregulars start burning big houses. Senators and members of government. Causes crimalization of anything Republican and executions
Free State Executions Free states starts excuting people, government could hold prisoners without trial and put them up under military tribunal. All Dail deputies liable to be assassinated after executions start
Civil War 1922 – 1923. Free state vs republicans.
Second Dáil 1919–1922 saw the ratification of the treaty
Free State Constitution • Pro-Treaty o Army o Control: Finance government, education, etc. o Best they could do o Commonwealth of nations o Up to the people to decide • Anti-Treaty o Oath o Symbol of the Crown o Canada o Doc # 2 was a better alternative
garda o Police force that is supposed to replace RIC • Supposed to be unarmed, risky and dangerous. • Deal with ordinary crime. • It actually worked though
Restoration of Order replacement of trial by jury by courts-martial. formation of garda.special powers act 1922
Special Powers Act 1922 Allows minister for home affair tom pass any regulation to keep peace in Northern Ireland.
Kevin O’Higgins established the garda. Was assassinated 1927
Richard Mulcahy commander and chiefs, after collins.
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