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History 201 umd

Have you no sense of decency, sir? Joseph McCarthy. 1890-1960. Communism vs. Christians.
How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake? Vietnam war 1971. John Kerry. VVAW. Crimes threatened the country. One sides of who the flag protected.
Three generations of imbeciles are enough Buck v. Bell
18th Amendment Prohibits alcoholic beverages to be transported or sold. January 1919
AFL-CIO American federation of labor and congress of industrial organizations 1955. Eisenhower.
Bay of Pigs Unsuccessful military invasion on cuba. 1961. John F Kennedy
Berlin Airlift Carried supplies to people in west berlin, food and fuel. 1948. Harry S. Truman.
Black Tuesday Signaled the great depression and didnt end until 1941. Herbert Hoover was president.
Bonus Army March World War 1 veterans demanded cash payment for their services. They had been out of work since ww1 great depression. 1932. Franklin Roosevelt.
Bretton Woods 1944. Roosevelt was president. Conference to agree on rules post WW2. Creation of International Monetary System and International Bank for Reconstruction
Brown v. Board of Education 1954. Eisenhower was president. Blacks werent segregated from whites in the public school system.
Camp David Accords 1978. Jimmy Carter was president. Foreign Policy.
CORE(Congress of Racial Equality) All people are created equal. 1942. Franklin Roosevelt.
Cuban Missile Crisis 13 day confrontation between Russia and cuba on one side and USA on the other. 1962. John F Kennedy was president. Major confrontation in the cold war. Closest to turning to a nuclear conflict.
Domino Theory 1950's to to 1980's. Truman was president. If one state became communism others would follow. Domino Effect. American Intervention.
Fall of Berlin Wall 1989. Prevent Germans from entering because they were "Nazi's"
Four Freedoms 1941. Roosevelt was president. Freedom of speech, worship, want, and fear.
Fourteen points 1918 Woodrow Wilson was president. War was fought for peace.
Freedom Summer 1964. Lyndon Johnson was president. Register as many african americans as possible to vote in mississippi. Freedom schools, houses, and community centers to aid blacks.
G.I Bill 1944. Franklin Roosevelt was president. Benefits for ww2 veterans. Low cost mortgage, low interest loans to star business, cash payments of tuition, 1 year of unemployment. Every veteran that was active for 90+ days.
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution 1964. Lyndon B Johnson was president. Authorized president to use conventional military force in southeast asia.
Hostage Crisis 1979-1981. 52 americans were held hostage for 444 days. Jimmy Carter was president.
HUAC( House un americans activities committee) 1938. Franklin Roosevelt was president. Investigate unloyalty and subversive activities in organizations with communists
Huey Long 1893-1935. Every man a king motto. U.S senator.
Hull House 1889. Benjamin Harrison was president. Opened its doors for european immagrants.
Iran Contra Affair 1986. Ronald Reagan was president. Secreted facilitated sale of arms to Iran. It began to free 7 american hostages.
Iron Curtain boundry dividing Europe into 2 areas in 1945 to 1991. (end of the cold war). Roosevelt.
Kitchen Debate 1959. Eisenhower. US and Russia had agreed to make exchanges in eachothers countries to promote cultural differences.
Lochner v. New York. 1905. NY limited hours a baker could work each day to 10 and a week 60. Teddy Roosevelt was president.
March on Washington 1941. Petition for human rights. Rights for African Americans. 1963. MLK. Jobs and freedom. Kennedy was president.
Marshall plan 1948. American program to aid Europe. US gave economic support to rebuild Europe after WW2 to prevent spread of communism. Harry S. Truman was president.
Military Industrial Complex 1961. Eisenhower was president. Relationship between legislators and armed forces.
Montgomery Bus Boycott 1956. Protest against racial segretation on public transportation. Eisenhower.
Muller v. Oregon 1908. Justifies both sex discrimination. T Roosevelt
Munich Conference 1938. Roosevelt. Permitting Nazi germanys annexation of Czech areas.
National Consumers League 1899. Garrett Hobart. Representing consumers on marketplace and workplace issues. Provides consumers perspective.
New Deal 1933 and 1936. Domestic economic programs enacted in the US. Relief, recovery, reform.
19th amendment 1920. prohibits citizen from being denied the right to vote on the basis of sex. Woodrow Wilson
Northern Securities Co v. U.S 1904. T Roosevelt. 5 to 4 against the stockholders of the great northern and northern pacific railroad companies
NSC-68 1950. 58 page top secret policy paper issues by US national security. Harry Truman was president.
Port Huron Statement 1962. human degradation, sybolized by the southern struggle against racial bigotry.
Principles of Scientific Management 1911. motivated administrators and students of managerial technique.
Pullman Strike and Boycott 1894.
Created by: valyat93