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SRB History Final

SRB's 2nd semester history final (chps. 24-26)

Pride in one's country Nationalism
building up a strong military, for what seems like no reason Militarism
a person who uses deliberate use of violence to scare or spread terror to other people Terrorist
a German emperor Kaiser
U-boat an underwater boat or submarine
A British passenger ship that was torpedoed by Germany Lusitania
agreement to stop fighting Armistice
Russian Emperor Czar
being unable to read or write illiterate
law that requires eligible men to enroll in the military draft
war bonds that basically gambling that your country would win, then you would get a small amount of money Liberty Bonds
What is the battle in which lasted for 10 months, and Germany lost about 400,000 soldiers Battle of Verdun
When WWI erupted in 1914 the U.S. declared this Neutrality
What treaty ended Russia's part in WWI? The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
meaning to give up power Abdicate
This battle raged for 3 weeks Battle of Belleau Wood
The type of warfare that was practiced in WWI Trench Warfare
The rapid spread of a contagious disease epidemic
the right of national groups to own their own territory self-determination
A general association of nations, to solve world political issues, part of Wilson's 14 points League of Nations
This treaty was signed on June 28, 1919, by Germany and the Allies; formally place the responsibility of the war on Germany and its allies Treaty of Versailles
An economic slump recession
When Albert Fall became the first cabinet member to ever get sent to prison Teapot-Dome scandal
Buying on credit installment buying
a period of increased stock trading and rise in stock prices bull market
Reduction of armed forces and weapons of war disarmament
an economic system in which all wealth and property are owned by the community as a whole Communism
1928, treaty outlawing war Kellog-Briand Pact
A ban on the manufacture, sale, and transportation of liquor anywhere in the United States Prohibition
Secret destruction of property or interference with work in factories sabotage
expelled from the country deported
anti-foreign feeling nativism
This system only allowed a certain number of people from select countries to come into the United States quota system
Who won the election of 1928? Herbert Hoover
The day the stock market crashed Black Tuesday
A period of economic hard times that follows a stock crash Great Depression
Hoover failed to recognize signs of economic ___________. Trouble
Pay only part of what a stock costs on margin
Not being able to pay debts bankrupt
programs to help the needy relief programs
Places where the hungry could get a free meal soup kitchen
additional sum of money bonus
How many bills did FDR pass in his first hundred days. (spell the number) fifteen
On FDR's 2nd day he declared this to give banks relief. Bank holiday
New Deal program that hired unemployed men to work on natural conservation. Civilian Conservation Corps
Government agency set up to enforce new codes designed to stabilize industry National Recovery Administration
New Deal program that built dams to control flooding and produce cheap electric power Tennessee Valley Authority
How many more supreme court justices did FDR want to add? (the spelling of the number) Six
Where workers would stop machinery and refuse to work Sit-down strike
Ensured money to those who retire Social Security Act
This deal gave Native American nations greater control over their own affairs Indian New Deal
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