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Southwest People


What is the Navaho march from Fort Defiance, Arizona, to Fort Sumner, New Mexico called? The Long Walk
What did Coronado explore the Southwest in search of? Gold and silver
How did the Navajo mainly survive in the early 1600s? Herding
Who was the Navajo leader whose horses were shot? Manuelito
What invention meant the end of the long cattle drives? Barbed wire
What city is the capital of the Navajo Nation? Window Rock
What city was the capital of the Spanish colony of New Mexico? Sante Fe
What is the name of the Navajo reservation? Dinetah
What part of the United States has a warm, sunny climate all or most of the year? Sun Belt
Where is the home of the largest solar telescope in the world? Kitt Peak
What is the traditional Navaho home? Hogan
What is a large cattle pen? Feedlot
What are Native American cowboys called? Vaqueros
Who was the US Scout that led the army against the Navajo? Kit Carson
What were the Christian settlements that were started by the Spanish called? missions
Who was one of the first women ranchers who had the brand of "CY"? Lizzie Johnson Williams
What was it called when cowboys herded the cattle north from Texas to the railroads? Cattle Drives
What was used by cowboys to keep the dust out of their mouths? Handkerchief
Who were scientists who study planets and stars? Astronomers
What were the names of the cattle drive trails in the Southwest? Chisholm, Good-night Loving, Western, Shawnee
What were the jobs of a cowboy? Line Rider, Protect Cattle, Drive Cattle to Different Spots, Brand Cattle
What is energy that comes from splitting or joining parts of atoms? Nuclear Energy
What is a huge cattle farm? Ranch
What is the name for a cowboy who patrolled the boundaries of the ranch? Line-Rider
What animals did the Spanish bring to the US? Horses, Sheep, Longhorns
What were the dangers on a cattle drive? Drought, Storms, Outlaws
Created by: jill.wehlander