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Fields Am History


What are radical republicans Radical Republicans: a congressman who, after the civil war, favored using the government to create a new order in the south and to give African Americans full citizenship and the right to vote.
What was reconstruction The process the us government used to re admit the confederate states to the union after the civil war
What is the Freedmans Bureau A federal agency setup to help former slaves after the civil war EDUCATION
What were Black Codes southern states passed laws known as this
What does nomadic mean wandering from place to place
Colonel George A Custer who is he Custer is a hero of the civil war
Battle of Little Big Horn Where all of Custers (211) fought against Cheyenne and Sioux Custer Lost
Who were sitting bull and crazy horse what did they do? Many Sioux warriors fled the reservation they united under the leadership of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse
Sand Creek Massacre Colorado Milita opened fire on a peaceful Cheyenne Village more than 150 indians were killed became known as this.
Wounded Knee Massacre The massacre by US soldiers of 300 unarmed native Americans at wounded knee creek died
Dawes Act was intended to encourage native americans to give up there traditional ways and become farmers
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