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Chapter 21

Social Studies

What are soldiers mounted on horseback? Cavalry
The killing of an entire race Genocide
A strong government that would have total control over people's lives Totalitarianism
Giving in, in order to avoid war Appeasement
An estimated 11 million people were killed in this Holocaust
Not taking sides in a conflict Neutral
After the war, the Allies in Germany where Nazi leaders and others could be tried for committing such "crimes against humanity" set up the Nuremberg Trails
They believed in an extreme form of nationalism Fascist
Germany developed a tactic that means lightning war because they were so fast and devastating Blitzkrieg
On June 6, 1944 the largest seaborne invasion in History began the code name for this was called D-Day
Discrimination against and the persecution of Jewish people is called Anti-semitism
Joing together of Germany, Italy, and Japan in WWI Tripartite Alliance
A policy of staying out of the affairs of other nations Isolationism
Adolf Hitler signed a with the Soviet Union agreeing not to fight on another Non-agression pact
The Jewish people were sent to prison camps known as where many people were killed Concentration Camps
Under the the U.S. would lend or lease raw material and weapons to Allied Nations Lend-lease Act
The was the worldwide economic downturn that lasted from 1929 until WWII Great Depression
Created by: Kelly Chrismon
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