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Do Now Test 53-66

History test (Cold War)

marbury vs madison established Judicial Review
McColluch Vs. Maryland declared the creation of a national Bank was constitutional.
Gibbons Vs. Ogden This court case established Congress's power to regulate interstate commerce.
Dred Scott Decision Supreme court ruled that slaves were not free even when they traveled to free states or territories.
Plessy vs Ferguson supreme court case, legalized segregation, "separate but equal"
St. Augustine first permanent European settlement in America; established 1565 by the spanish
Brown vs BOE Topeka, KS Supreme court case, made "separate but equal" facilities for blacks and whites illegal.
legislative Branch branch of U.S. Government; makes laws
Executive, President enforces laws
Judicial (Supreme Court) Interprets laws
Montgomery, AL first capital of the confederate states of America
Ellis Island East Coast processing center in NYC for thousands of immigrants coming to america from europe
Jamestown first permanent settlement in North America
Federalism division of governmental power between a strong national government and state and local governments
Created by: Brittany579