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apprentice Young men who learned trade from someone else.
boycott Any person or group that refuses to buy or use a service.
coerce Force.
cultural history The culture of the past, clothes, food, homes and customs.
deport Forcibly removed.
economy The way people use their resources to buy or sell.
epidemic A sickness that is quickly and widely spread.
ethnic history History of the people who lived in the area.
evict Forced off of land.
petroglyph Pictures in stone.
historical fiction Fictional stories about the past.
indentured servant Someone who came to America without paying passage, forced to work to pay off debt.
parliament The legislative body of England.
passage Price of voyage to America.
political history How people set up governments and passed laws for their own communities.
province A part of another nation or country.
repeal To take a law out of effect.
tenant Someone who pays someone else to rent land.
unalienable Something that cannot be taken away.
warrant A document that allows the government to enter your house.
Writs of Assistance A law that states the government can enter your house, only with a warrant.
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