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Kata Terms/Shito-Ryu

Kata meanings

Kata NameKata Meaning
Shiho No Kata Four Way or Directions
Kihon Ichi No Kata First Basic
Kihon Ni No Kata Second Basic
Kihon San No Kata Third Basic
Kihon Yon No Kata Fourth Basic
Ten No Kata Kata of the Heavens
Chi No Kata Kata of the Earth
Shensei Pure Heart
Heian Sho Dan Peaceful Mind #1
Heian Ni Dan Peaceful Mind #2
Heian San Dan Peaceful Mind #3
Heian Yon Dan Peaceful Mind #4
Heian Go Dan Peaceful Mind #5
Jurroku 16 Hands
Jutte No Kata Ten Hands
Jin No Kata Temple Ground
Matsukazi No Kata Wind Through Pines
Jion No Kata Temple Bell or Sound
Rohai No Kata Flight of the Heron
Bassai Dai No Kata To Penetrate a Fortress
Ananku No Kata Light from South
Bassai Breech a fortress
Chinto No Kata Fighting to the East
Empi The flight of the sparrow
Gojoshiho 54 steps, the phonix
Kururunfa 17 hands, holding your ground
Koshokun Name of Chinese official of Ming Dynasty
Niseishi 24 steps
Nipaipo 28 steps
Saifa The final breaking point
Sanchin 3 battles
Sanseiru 36 hands
Seienchin No Kata Storm Within the Clouds
Seipai From Nahate style, 18
Seisan 13 hands
Shisochin Fighting 4 monks
Shiho Kosokun 4 directions
Tensho Elegant hands
Tomari Bassai No Kata Thunder in a Fortress
Unsu/Unshu Cloud hands
Created by: Staceyhy