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Japanese Terms

Shito-Ryu Karate

Japanese TermEnglish Translation
Karate-Do Empty Hand Way
Sempai (Sem-pi) Senior Student
Kohai (Ko-hi) Junior Student
Dojo Training Hall
Rei Bow
Karate-Gi Karate Uniform
Ous Yes sir, acknowledgement
Obi Belt
Kuro-Obi Black Belt
Kata Forms
Shinobu Endurance
Sensei (Sen-say) Teacher
Shihan (She-han) Master Instructor
Souke (So-ke) Founder
Ryu Style
Dan Black Belt Rank
Kyu Non Black Belt Rank
Musubi (Ma-su-bee) Come to Attention
Honbu Headquarters
Mawate Turn Around
Suware Sit down
Isoge Hurry Up
Otagai Ni To Each Other
Deshi Disciple-Pupil
Kobushi Warriors Fist
Mokuso (Mok-so) Deep Breathing
Naotte (Now-Te) Come to Attention
Sensei Ni Taishite Rei (Sen-say Na Tash-te-rey) Bow to Sensei
Sagate Move Back
Hajime Begin
Yame (Ya-may) Stop
Kiai Warriors Cry
Ikio Irete Breather
Waza Technique
Kamate (ka-ma-tay) Go into Fighting Stance
Te Hand
Ashi Foot
Jodan (Jo-dan) Head Area
Chudan (Chu-dan) Body Area
Gedan (Ge-dan) Lower Area (Groin)
Moichido One More Time
Tameshiwari Breaking Techniques
Kumite (ku-mi-tay) Sparring
Kihon Basics
Uke Block
Keri (Geri) Kick
Oi-Zuki Lunge Punch
Hidari Left
Migi Right
Nippon Japan
Kobudo Ancient Okinawan Weaponry
Konnichiwa Good Afternoon
Konbanwa Good Evening
Hai Yes
Iie No
Domo Arigato Thank You Very Much
Doitashimashite Your Welcome
Gomenna Sai I'm Sorry
Makiwara Punching Board
Maeni Dete Step Forward
Tsugi Wa Next is
Yasume Take a Break
Tsuzukete Resume Sparring
Ohayo Gozaimasu Good Morning
Dozo Please
Irashaimase Welcome
Sayonara Good Bye
Hai! Wakarimasu Yes, I understand
Oyasuminasai Good Night
Mochiron Of course
Created by: Staceyhy