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8th gr Hist Ch 19-20

8th grade History Ch 19 -20 Test Review

Who was the secretary of state who was active in devising American foreign policy at the turn of the century? John Hay
Who was the army doctor who identified the source of yellow fever? Walter Reed
Who was the army engineer who battled mosquitoes in Cuba's swamps? William Gorgas
Who charged up San Juan Hill with his men? Theodore Roosevelt
Who fought for the independence of the Phillipines? Emilio Aquinaldo
What policy stated all of China would be open to all nations on equal terms? Platt Amendment
Where was the site of an American naval base in Cuba? Guantanamo Bay
Where did Dewey attack the Spanish fleet in the Philippines? Minola Bay
What gave Americans confidence that further action in cuba would not be intended to further American imperialism? Teller Amendment
What word denotes America's policy of staying out of world politics during most of the 19th century? Isolationism
Which president used a foreign policy in Latin America that depended on the advance or withdrawal of American investments? William Howard Taft
Who was the American evangelist of the late 1800s who encouraged students to become foreign missionaries and thus spurred the Student Volunteer Movement? Dwight L. Moody
Americans forced Queen Liliuokalani out of power in 1893 and thus paved the way for the United States to annex what land in 1898? Hawaii
What word refers to the acquisition of foreign lands to be used for the benefit of the acquiring country? imperialism
The Spanish minister to the United States criticized what American president in a private letter that came to national attention? William McKinley
What addition to the Monroe Doctrine asserted the right of the United States to be an "international police power" in the Western Hemisphere? Roosevelt Coroalley ?
What TWO newspaper owners helped lead America into war by competing for increased circulation? Herst & Pulitzer
Moral diplomacy was the foreign policy of which president? William Taft
During what turn-of-the-century uprising did a group of Chinese try to force foreigners to leave China? Boxers Rebellion (except find a new place for ppl to settle)
What were the major reasons for practicing imperialism at the turn of the century? Military strength, wealth, prestige
Which one place became a commonwealth of the United States in 1952? Puerto Rico
Strife was stirred up between the United States and Spain because of a letter written by who? Joseph Puitor
America's first ventures in imperialism involved what two places? Alaska, Midway Island
For more than two years after the end of the Spanish-American War, the United States faced the difficulty of quelling a rebellion in which location? The Philippines
In the late 1800s, where did various countries claim spheres of influence? China
What did the Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty do? Gave the US the Panama Canal zone
Which president was the most responsible for the building of the Panama Canal? Roosevelt
Who did the United States help Panama cain its independence from? Columbia
During the late 1800s and early 1900s, America began to fear the rising power of what Asian country? Japan
Who developed the theory of evolution? Charles Darwin
Who was the founder of the Tuskegee Institute? Booker T. Washington
Who was a famous agnostic? Robert Ingersoll
Who ran as the Republican candidate for president Theodore Roosevelt declined to run in 1908? Taft
Who was the scientist who found many new uses for peanuts? George Washington Carver
Who was the corrupt New York City political "boss"? William Marcy/Boss Tweed
Who exposed the evils of the meatpacking industry? Upton Sinclair
Who was the idealistic Democrat who became president? Woodrow Wilson
Who appointed to help preserve America's forest resources? Gifford Pinchot
Who was the Harvard graduate, cowboy, soldier, president, and third party candidate for president? Teddy Roosevelt (Taft)
What were temperance societies involved in? to fight against evils of liquor
What were the goals of the Progressives? not to acquire more territory for the nation
Who were the Progressive presidents? Roosevelt, Taft, Wilson
What educational trends were occurring in the United States near the turn of the century? No bilingual schools
What did Preogressive era amendments to the Constitution deal with? Not voting rights for blacks
What legislative innovations made state governments more democratic? injunction
What were Theodore Roosevelt's progressive activities as president? not reveal the prohibition
What did Progressives who looked for help in solving problems of society generally turn to? To the government
List the books that were written by muckrakers Not Origin of Species
What were the notable trends in religion in America around the turn of the century? Not decline of the social gospel
What policy stated all of China would be open to all nations on equal terms? open door policy
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