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Last AP World Quiz

This is the last AP World Quiz on WW1,Imperialism,and Wars for Independence

What were global changes that occurred during the era of imperialism? The imperialist countries began to control natural resources, indentured servants, Indians migrate to Asia, and the Chinese go to South Africa, Australia, and the U.S. Scientific racism and social Darwinism increase.
Define Autonomy The right or condition of self - government.
What was a Caudillo? A charismatic political - military leader.
Name the 5 main reasons for the War of Independence 1) the Enlightenment, 2) Industrial Revolution, 3) French / American Revolution, 4) Neopoleonic Wars, 5) Social / Racial uprisings
What were the political effects of the Wars for Independence? The wealthy and the lower classes supported the dictatorship.
What were the international effects of the Wars for Independence? The Monroe Doctrine (which opposes interference with Western Hemisphere), and the U.S. has political and economic interests.
What were the economic effects of the Wars for Independence? One - crop economies increase, colonial economies continue, and export of cash crops / raw materials continues.
What were the social effects of the Wars for Independence? The peninsulares replace the Creoles as the dominant ethnic group.
What were reasons that the Western Hemisphere began to dominate the world? Formation of Nation - states (easy to mobilize) ,The Industrial revolution, and Imperialism
What does M.A.N.I.A. stand for? Militarism, Alliances, Nationalism, Imperialism, and Assassination
What was the Schlieffen Plan? When Germany decided that they would try and surprise - attack France.
What was the Brest - Litovsk treaty? A treaty that awarded significant amounts of land to Germany.
What did Lloyd George Clemenceau believe? He believed that Germany needed to pay for their destructive behavior through money and land.
What was the Versailles Treaty? The Versailles Treaty took away 13% of Germany's land. The V.T. also lead to the formation of the league of Nations, as well as the establishment of new military restrictions.
Created by: yinyang2424