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Tennessee Test

Review for test on Tennessee unit

James Robertson led settlers to Nashville by... land
Which explorer explored part of Tennessee before he discovered the Mississippi River? Hernando de Soto
What are the three Grand Divisions? East, Middle, West
What is the state bird? the mockingbird
What was the event called that involved the Native Americans being moved east of the Mississippi River? The Trail of Tears
Where did the Trail of Tears end? Oklahoma
What are the two state insects? ladybug and lightning bug
On what river is Nashville located? Cumberland River
Tennessee joined which side during the Civil War? The Confederates
What is Tennessee's state motto? Agriculture & Commerce
Name two American Indian tribes who lived in TN? Chickasaw & Cherokee
What do we call the legislative branch of TN? the General Assembly
Men who hunted for long periods of time were called what? Longhunters
What is the state flower? iris
Which Tennessean President approved of the Indian Removal Act before he became President? Andrew Jackson
Who is the head of the Executive Branch of TN? the governor
The geographic regions of Tennessee going from WEST to EAST were: Gulf Coastal Plain, Highland Rim, Nashville Basin, Highland Rim, Cumberland Plateau, Great Valley, Blue Ridge Mountains
The Civil War took place between what years? 1860-1865
What do the three stars in the Tennessee flag represent? The three grand divisions of Tennessee
Who is the current governor of Tennessee? Bill Lee
How many justices are there in the TN Supreme Court? 5
John Donelson led settlers to Nashville by... river boats.
The four major cities in TN are: Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Chattanooga
The three major rivers in TN are: Mississippi River, Cumberland River, Tennessee River
Created by: andreamalloy