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ap world 1750-1914

Ap world history unit 5 1750-1914

Political, social, and economic Revolutions -Enlightenment, American and French Revolutions,Haitian Revolution,Industrial Revolution,Rise of Capitalism,Unification of states (Germany, Italy, United States),Nationalism, Imperialism and Colonialism
canal allowed for quicker Travel Suez and Panama
Technological advances in travel (ships, railroads, etc.) increase the travel of humans and other goods across the world.
Industrial Revolution have factories, need raw materials, colonies used for materials, Serfdom and slavery ends in most of the world. Political revolutions and independence movements.
Began in Great Britain due to economic and political stability... Spread through Europe and world.Some countries had government involvement in their industrial revolutions (Russia and Japan) while others relied on individual capitalists.
Industrialization increased... economic, military, and political strength of those who embraced it.
Countries that benefited from industrialization had necessary... land, labor, and capital, as well as government support.
Some countries failed to industrialize... due to no government support
industrialized countries produced... manufactured products
less industrialized countries produced... raw materials for products (India, England, American south)
Countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia became dependent on cash crops (sugar, cotton, rubber) and earned the nickname of... "Banana Republics"
Plantations in these "Republics" were owned by foreign investors who produced the crops and collected the profits
Increase in volume of world trade due to better technology and sea travel, which was much more efficient.
Opening of the Suez and Panama canals allowed for quicker maritime trade.
Migration in U.S westward expansion and trail of tears.
European Migration European indentured servants and criminals to colonies.
Chinese to Americas Migration SE Asia due to Qing decline.
End of Atlantic Slave Trade Napoleon defeated, control of South Africa shifts to British, ends slave trade, Great Trek of Boers.
Birthrates rise due to.. improved food supplies
Declining mortality rates due to.. improved medical procedures
Food Supply growing world population despite wars and disease due to increase in food production
Population growth in rural areas lead to.. movement to urban areas.
Women are recruited into the work force (textile factories)
Growth in middle class due to greater need for middle class workers
Public education on the rise teachers hired
Victorian cult of domesticity needs women at home to do chores
As the Industrial Revolution began in England the economic changes were accompanied by demands for political changes that spread to many other areas of the world by the end of the 19th century.
1700s referred to as "Age of Enlightenment"
Beginnings of Enlightenment began in Europe
philosophical/ political ideas began to seriously question absolute governments
Enlightenment invited people to use "Reason"
people could figure things out and come up with better governments and societies
commercialization of the economy increased the size and wealth of middle class, but not political power
self made men questioned the idea that aristocrats should hold high political offices
Created by: btlb
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