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MN Hist. 9 & 10

MN History Ch. 9 & 10

Henry Sibley 1st state govenor - helped write constitution - ran American Fur Co "Princely Pioneer"
Alexander Ramsey 2nd Minnesota governor "Bluff Alec"
Joseph Rolette Lawmaker who was responsible for capitol not being in St. Peter
Josef Kaplan Bohemian who settled near Owatonna, MN
Joseph Ullmann St. Paul storekeeper from Alsace, France
William M. Mayo Doctor from Indiana who moved to MN to cure his malaria - started clinic
Harriet Bishop teacher who opened first school in St. Paul
James J. Hill Canadian who worked for the railroad, came up in the steamboat.
Ignatius Donnelly Dreamt of building the new town of Nininger, went into debt
Nininger Town planned by Donnelly, never got started
Princely Pioneer Henry Sibley- he was handsome and educated
St. Anthony (Village of) this town grew up next to sawmills
Labelle Saloon bar next to hotel where 1st legislature met
Bluff Alec Alexander Ramsey- he was practical
The New England of the West namename for MN, because many came from states in the east
Jane Grey Swisshelm spoke out against slavery, started newspaper in St. Cloud
Dred Scott slave, 1857 courts ruled slaves taken to free states are still "property"
Richard Christmas Mississippi plantation owner - owned Eliza Winston
Charles Shedd minister at Mantorville, MN, his family was divided. One was in the south and one in the north
Edward Davis surveyor for railroad
Madison Bowler trained freed blacks to be Union soldiers. Left MN for Kentucky to fight for the 3rd Regiment
Lizzie Calef Madison Bowler's wife- wrote him a letter while he was fighting in the south.
Eliza Winston slave freed by Minnesota Law - before Dred Scott decision of 1857
Robert Hickman Missouri minister black slave who escaped by boat "the Pilgrims"
Emily Grey free black, helped Eliza Winston escape
Howard Pyle artist of the Civil War