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vote in us

who votes and why turn out is low in us

who votes educated, higher income, white collar jobs
why turnout is low can not participate, don't want to, no one has asked them to, change of address, change precinct, loss of social capital, new media used to campas ign, difference in demographics 18-24, generational effects
campaign strategies party oriented, issue oriented, candidate oriented
party oriented candidate relies on party platform, organization resources to compel the voters
issue oriented directed to america with preferences on specific issues to compel the voters
candidate oriented candidate campaigns around using is characteristics to compel the voters
political party components organization, government, electorate
political party organization democratic national committee and republican national committee define the party platform
political party government members of the party who have been elected democrats-caucus republicans- conferences
political party electorate voters that feel connected to a party
what is the pac political action committee raise money for candidates campaign
what is 527 organizations tax exempt monies for this organization unregulated by the federal government for issues and not candidates
what is logrolling trading favors for votes
brutus said representatives must be like the people
what is gerry mandering draw congress district lines for electoral advantages
Created by: jjcma5