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pres responsibility

pres jobs in each power

execute laws--executive expressed pending budget support from congress
organize federal bureaucracy---executive implied pending budget support from congress
appoint edepartment heads---executive expressed senate confirmation
recommend department budgets--executive delegated congressional approval
issue executive orders--executive implied limited to matters involving policy execution and enforcement
exercise executive privilege---executive implied limited to instance involving national security
veto legislation--legislative expressed can be overridden by congress
deliver state of the union--legislative expressed serves information and persuasive rather than declarative purposes
make policy recommendations --legislative expressed congressional approval
convene and adjourn congress legislative expressed
appoint justices to supreme court--judicial expressed senate confirmation
senate judges to federal courts judicial expressed senate confirmation
grant pardons and reprieves--judicial prospect of reelecion limits its practice
appoint ambassadors--deplomatic expressed senate confirmation
receive ambassadors--diplomatic expressed no check
enter into treaties with foreign nations-diplomatic expressed senate ratification
enter into executive agreements--diplomatic implied execution may require congressional approval
serve as head of state-diplomatic implied role is symbolic
serve as commander in chief--military expressed congressional authorization to engage troops
represent the public will--public opinion leader no check
shape the national agenda-public opinion leader no check
implement party prioities--political party leader no check
shape the party agenda--political party leader no check
symbolic head of the party--political party leader no check
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