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world war 2

appeasement giving in to aggressive demands in order to avoid war.
Winston Churchhill British prime minister
Axis Powers The alliance of germany, italy, and japan in World war 2
nonaggression pact An agreement between nations to not attack one another.
blitzkrieg A german word meaning "lightning war"; a fast, forceful style of fighting used by Germens in World War 2
Allies The alliance fromed of Brtian, France, and Russia in World war 2; joined by the United States after the Japanese boming of Pearl Harbor in 1941.
Battle of Britain Three month air battle between Germany and great Brtitan fought over Great Britain during World War 2
Hideki Tojo Japansese nationalist and general; he took control of Japan during world war 2.
isolationism staying out of the affairs and wars of other nations; the postion initially held by the United.
Erwin Rommel Greaman general during World War he commanded the Afrika Korps and was nick named the Desert Fox for his leadership.
Battle of EL Alamein World war 2 battle in wich Brtain won a decisive victory over Germany in Egypt securing the suez canl.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Siege of Leningrad
Battle of Stalingrad
Douglas MacAurthur
Bataan Death March
Battle of Midway
Battle of Guadalcanal
Final Solution
concentration camps
V-E Day
Battle of lwo Jima
Battle of Okinawa
Harry S Truman
V-J Day
Yalta Confrence
Potsdam Confrence
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