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Ch 10 French in NA

Lessons 2-3 French in N.A. and French and Indian War

The French claimed land along this river. St. Lawrence River
The land along the St. Lawrence River named after the Huron word for "village" Canada
A French geographer and explorer set up a trading post in 1608, it was the first permanent French settlement in North America. Quebec
This trade led the French to North America fur trade
This native american tribe befriended the French Huron
Only Catholics were allowed to settle in New France this led to only fur traders and ____ settling there. missionaries
This French explorer tried to find a Northwest passage to the west. Jacques Marquette
In 1673 this French explorer along with Marquette traveled down the Mississippi River to find the Northwest passage, Louis Jolliet
A French explorer who set out in 1682 to explore down the Mississippi River valley, he claimed the land for France Robert La Salle
The land claimed by La Salle. It was named after King Louis XIV Louisiana
In 1700 French priests built a mission beside the Mississippi River it later added a trading post St. Louis
In 1701 the French built a trading post near a the river with the same name in present day Michigan. Detroit
A _____ is a land route from one body of water to another body of water portage
This Haitian fur trader built a trading post that became the city of Chicago. Jean Baptiste Point du Sable
These people carried the furs and other goods by canoe to Quebec. voyageurs
These illegal fur trappers also known as "wood runners" traded furs without permission from the French government coureurs de bois
He was a young lieutenant in the British army during the French and Indian War. He later became a great general and president. George Washington
This war was fought between the British, French, and Native Americans. French and Indian War
This valley is in the Midwest and it was the land that France and Britain fought over. Ohio River Valley
This fort was built by the French to protect their fur trade. Fort Duquesne
This quickly built fort was built by the British and later taken over by the French. Fort Necessity
This general was defeated in 1755 by the French who used Native American warfare methods. General Edward Braddock
In 1762, France gave Spain much of Louisiana to keep it out of Britain's hands. This city was included in the deal. New Orleans
In 1763 Britain and France signed this treaty ending the French and Indian War. Treaty of Paris
An Ottawa chief named _____ started a rebellion against the British. Pontiac
King George III issued this to pay for the costs of protecting the British colonist. Proclamation of 1763
The Proclamation of 1763 gave the colonist all the land _____ of the Appalachians and all the land _____ to the Native Americans. east west
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