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ch.18 vocab

s0200902 hunter

Radical Republicans a congressman who, after the civil war, favored using the government to create a new order in the south and to give African american full citizenship and thee right to vote.
Reconstruction the process the U.S. government used to readmit the confederate states to the Union after the civil war.
Freemen's Bureau a federal an agency set up to help former slaves after the civil war.
Andrew Johnson Lincoln Vice President, but when Lincoln was killed he become our 17th president and was a democrat.
Black codes a law passed by southern states that limited the freedom of former slaves.
Civil rights rights granted to all citizens.
Fourteenth amendment an amendment to the U.S. constitution, passed in 1868, that made all persons born or naturalized in the U.S.- including former slaves- citizens of the country.
Freemen's school a school setup to educate newly freed African Americans.
Sharecropping a system in which landowers save farm workers land, seed, and tools in return for a part of he crops they raised.
Ku Klux Klan a group formed in 1866 that wanted to restore Democratic Control of the south and to keep former slaves powerless.
Lynch killing blacks and doing on the spot with out a trial.
Fifteenth amendment passed in 1870, this amendment to the U.S. Constitution stated that citizens could not be stopped from voting. " On account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude."
Panic of 1873 a financial crisis in which banks closed and the stock market collapsed.
compromise of 1877 he agreement that resolved an 1876 election dispute: Rutherford B. Hayes became president and hen removed federal troops from the south.
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