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WWI/II people

unit IV world war 1 and 2 plus genocide important people

Stalin USSR, communist
Hitler Germany, fascism
Tojo Japan, militarism
Musolini Italy, fascism
Omar al-Bashir Sudan
Mugabe Zimbabwe
Gaddafi Libya
Idi Amin Uganda
Kim Jong IL North Korea
U Thein Sein Burma
Hugo Chavez Venezuela
Pol Pot Cambodia
Pinochet Chile
MacArthur moved US forces towards mainland Japan, liberates the Philippines
Eisenhower leads Allied armies and successfully beats Axis in North Africa, later elected US president
Gavrilo Princip member of the Blackhand who assassinates Archduke Ferdinand
Neville Chamberlain British Prime Minister during WWII declared war on Germany after policy of appeasement fails
Charles de Gaulle leads the "Free French"
Created by: mtwhitneygirl