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North v South 1

North v South

President of South Jefferson Davis was a wise leader
Capitol of South Richmond
Capitol of the North D.C.
# of states in South 11
# of states in North 19
Population of North 22 million
Population of North 5 million
Northern Economy based on? Industrial
Southern Economy based on? Agrarian and Plantation
Who had more farms - North or South? North
Which side had more railroad mileage? North - 21,500
Who had more bank assets North of South North 345,900 million
Least Value of exports? (what the value of products they sell to other countries is.) North
General of the Southern Army Robert E Lee best army's officer - great strategist -amazing from beginning to the end - remained famous figure
General of the Northern Army Ulysses S. Grant - became 18th president
How did the South recruit their men for the army? Volunteer
How did the North recruit their men for the army? volunteer and through a draft
Southern Government Type Confederate
Northern Government Type Democrat/Republican
North's Strengths (5) Hint - MnM's Reeses Peanut Butter CUps 1) population 2) manufacturing 3) railroad tracks 4) Control of $ 5) Strong Navy
South's Strengths (4) DHSCUMFFT 1) Defending Homes 2) Skilled Commanders 3) United, highly Motivated 4) Fighting in Familiar Territory
North's Weaknesses (3) TAHDOUC 1) Troops Away from Home 2) Divided public Opinion 3) Unskilled Comanders
South's Weaknesses (5) GRAAP 1) no national Government 2) few major Railroad lines 3) no Army at first and Navy 4) Agriculture Economy 5) small Population 2)
Anaconda plan the North's initial strategy to put down the Confederate uprising by a blockade towards south and control mississippi
Total War When they burnt down the entire landscape so it was ruined everything in their path
Emancipation Proclamation An executive order that proclaimed all those enslaved in Confederate territory to be forever free
Gettysburg Address Most famous speech delivered by Abraham Lincoln at Cemetery in Gettysburg - message is about freedom and equality for all - changed the purpose of war
Secession to form or quit a nation
What different races and genders fought in the war? Native Americans, blacks, Women, Irish and German
How many people died in the war? 620,000
What were 3 main causes of death disease, amputation and in battle
What % of soldiers died from disease? 66.7%
2 deadliest amputations were? Knee and hip
Deadliest battle fought ? Gettysburg
North's main goal preserve the nation
South's main goal? gain independence
Abraham Lincoln's biggest achievement emancipation proclamation - wise leader
Lincoln is elected 1860
1st state seceded South Carolinia
How many stats left the Union 11
Bloodiest Battle Gettysburg
Fort Sumner importance 1st battle
2 border states MD and West VA
Battles BSAfVGAA