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unit 8

4 quarter

electoral college A body of electors who represent the people's vote in choosing the president.
precedent An action or decision that later serves as an example.
French Revolution French rebellion that began in 1789 in which the French people overthrew the monarchy and made their country a republic.
Jay's Treaty An agreement that was negotiated by John Jay to work out problems between Britain and the United States over northwestern lands, British seizure of U.S. ships, and U.S. debts owed to the British.
Pinckney's Treaty An agreement between the United States and Spain that changed Florida's border and made it easier for the American ships to use the port of New Orleans.
Whiskey Rebellion A protest of small farmers in Pennsylvania against new taxes on Whiskey, because they are growing wheat and corn to make Whiskey.
political parties A group of people who organize to help elect government officials and influence government policies.
Federalist Party A political party created in the 1790's and influenced by Alexander Hamilton that wanted to strengthen the federal government and promote industry and trade.
Democratic-Republican Party A political party found in the 1790's by Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and other leaders who wanted to preserve the power of the state government and promote agriculture.
XYZ Affair An incident in which French agents tried to get a bribe and loans from U.S. diplomats in exchange for and agreement that French privateers would no longer attack American ships; it led to an undeclared naval war.
Alien and Sedition Acts 4 Laws passed by a Federalist congress to protect the new government, and you were put in jail if you critized the government. It forbid anyone from publishing or voicing critizem of the federal government.
presidential cabinet Kept the president informed on political matters and debated important issues with one another.
Hamilton's Plan Start a bank, make loans to businesses and government, and have a mint factory to make money, and pay off debts.
tariff A tax on imports or exports.
strict construction You can only do what the Constitution specifically says to do.
loose construction Apply Constitution to the current circumstance
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