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Seminare Freshman


What should you be worried about? Where the information is coming from.
What is determined as plagiarism? Copy and pasting without quoting and citing.
Formal procedure process for formal publications. The Academic Publishing Process.
Getting your work checked by peers for errors. Peer review.
Journals that are educational. Scholarly Journals.
Internet writings or journals. Electronic Journals.
Usually not free. Paid subscription. Library eJournal Services
Pay-per-view eJournal Publishers
Database prints. ePrints
Database of information. Bibliographic databases
Institute websites. Academic Web Direct
College or university info. Library Websites
Should you use NO NEVER
Do search engines show everything? NO
ugly stuff
What is the biographical statement that lists their job title, contact details, qualifications and publications? Author details.
Details about the publisher,______,or developer of the site. Sponsor.
The About Us section,_________ or Help Missions statement.
The ______ - is there a physical address which verifies claims or authorship? Contact Details.
Establish the site's ____. Establish validity.
Make sure the site has no _____. Innaccuracies
or controversial statements. Biased statements.
If you do not think the evidence is legitimate, Search evidence.
Make sure the site does this with its citations. Proper references.
Check these to see when it was last updated. Dates
Does it have this? Home button
Does it have these? Navigation buttons.
Are there any of these for locations? Site maps
Any way to find the creator? Contact details.
What does URL stand for? Uniform Resource Locator
Codes at the end of the URL Organization Codes
Deleting parts of URL Helps find more about site.
Created by: jacob.sorge16
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