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Civil War

Chapter 17

Ft. Sumter Marked the beginning of the Civil War
VA, NC and TN all joined the _______ after Lincoln made a request for troops Confederacy
States that were vital to both the North and South Border States
The primary goal of the South was to become a separate, independent nation
The _____ had an advantage of population in the Civil War Union
Where were most of the nation's factories located? In the North
The first major clash of the Union and Confederate forces took place at First Battle of Bull Run
What was the Union Goal in the West? To control the Mississippi River
What Confederate general became famous at the Battle of Bull Run when his men stood their ground and did not retreat? Stonewall Jackson
What was the bloodiest single-day battle in the Civil War? Antietam
After what battle did both sides realize this was going to be a long and bloody war? Shiloh
Who was the head of the Union Army at the beginning of the war? McClellan
Who was the head of the Confederate Army Lee
What was the Emancipation Proclamation? All enslaved people in the South were to be free as of January 1, 1863.
What was the importance of the EP Let everyone know that the govt believed slavery was wrong.
True or False: Some families had relatives serving on both sides of the war True.
Preserving the Union was a goal of the North
The South planned on winning the war by finding a defensive war until the North gave up
Strong military leadership and knowledge of the land were advantages of the South
A Large population and more resources were advantages of the North
What does "total war" mean? Destroying civilian and military resources
Gettysburg is considered to be the turning point of the war
Most battles of the war were fought In the South
Where did the South surrender? Appomattox Court House
What were the lasting effects of the Civil War? Almost 620,000 lost their lives in the four years of fighting. Cost billions of dollars. Left many southern cities and farms in ruins.
Who led the march across Georgia toward the Atlantic Sherman
Who delivered the Gettysburg Address? Lincoln
What victory gave the Union control of the entire Mississippi River? Vicksburg
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