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P-415 Ch 10

Communicating in Times of Crisis

Crisis Events or controversies that may damage a sports organization's financial standing and its credibility
4 Steps of Crisis Communication Plan 1) Forecasting Potential Crises 2) Developing a CCP 3) Utilizing the CCP 4) Assessing the CCP
1. Forecasting Potential Crises Benefits: 1) Enable org to take preemptive measures & actually prevent crises from occurring 2) Provide practical foundation for development of crisis comm plan
2. Developing a CCP Key Elements: Crisis Scenarios Initiation of the Plan Def'n of Response Teams & Key Publics Internal Comm Responsibilities External Comm Philosophy, Policies & Procedures Spokesperson & Message/Channel ID
3. Utilizing the Plan MUST be responsible/truthful SHOULD offer as much info as possible, anticipate difficult ?s, remain calm/professional, track media coverage SHOULD NOT say "no comment," downplay crisis, speculate/make off-record comments
4. Assessing the Plan Review available: Media coverage, consumer comments, sales records etc
Key Questions Was plan activated in timely/efficient manner? How were initial comm procedures? Were org's financial interests & reputation protected? How can plan be improved for next time?
Created by: bmbender129