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Taft-Hartley Act obstacle that slowed the growth of organized labor
baby boom birth rate explosion in the 1940/50s
Truman "average man's average man"; followed Roosevelt
Yalta Conference the Big Three met (FDR, Churchill, Stalin) to discuss WWII's end and what to do with Germany and Japan
Nuremberg Trials Nazi leaders were tried and punished for war crimes
Iron curtain term for the invisible wall between East and West Germany
Kennan formulated the "containment doctrine"
Truman Doctrine stated the US would aid any country resisting communist aggression
CIA new government program to coordinate foreign fact-gathering
MacArthur took control of the democratization of Japan
Taiwan Chinese nationalists fled here after defeat
Mao Zedong new Chinese communist leader after kicking out Nationalist leaders
NATO European pact with the US that said if one country is attacked, they will all come to each other's aid
Thirty eighth parallel on which Korea was divided
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