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kansas territory

Who Helped get the Compomise of 1850 through congress, he also had a major role in the Kansas-Nebraska act and he was an expansionist. Stephen A. Douglas
he was the first territorial governer in the Kansas Territory. He took the first Census in Kansas Andrew H. Reeder
a U.S. Senator from Missouri, he was pro slaverly and encourage Missorians to cross the border and vote illegally Dacvid Rice Atchison
He was a U.S. representative from Indiana that voted for the Kansas-Nebraska Act and then moved to the Kansas Territory andfought against slaver. He called slaveowners from Missouri "wolves,snakes and devils. James Lane
a slave from Lecompton that gained freedom through the underground railroad Ann Clark
a pro slavery sheriff wha attacked the town of Lawrence burining businesses and killing 2 people Samuel Jones
a antislaverly advocate from Lawrence who's house was burned down by Sheriff Jones, served as the first governor for the state of Kansas Charles Robinson
a abolitionist that killed five people in the Pottawatomie massacre John Brown
the first Governor of the Kansas Territory Andrew Reeder
he was against the Kansas-Nebraska Act and eventually became president Abraham Lincoln
he was a US Senator that was caned for addressing congress against slavery in Kansas, while blaming two men in congress for all the crime in Kansas Charles Sumner
known nationally for working for womans rights Clarina Nichols
a person wha wanted to bring about the innediate end of slavery abolotionist
opposed to the practice of slavery antislavery
Missouri settlers who crossed into Kansas to influence the outcome of the slavery issue Border ruffian
Missouri settlers who raided antislavery settlements in Kansas bushwackers
a settler who believed Kansas should not allow slavery free-stater
a person who is bonded or contracted to work for another for a specific time indentured servant
relating to the study of the characteristics of the human populations demographic
the practice or policy of territorial or economic expansion expansionist
a free soil or unionist guerrilla in Kansas and Missiouri during the border disputes jayhawker
one who chooses to suffer death rather that renounce his or her beliefs martyr
the concept that political and legislative power resides with the citizens popular sovereignty
supportative of the practice of slavery proslavery
to revoke repeal
the surrounding and blockading of a city or town by an army attempting to capture it seige
a state of subjection to owner or a master servitude
someone who invest financially in something with the possiblility of great gains or losses speculator
spanning or crossing a continent transcontinental
violation of allegiance toward's one's country treason
not in accord with the priciples set forth in the constitution of a nation or state uncostitutional
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