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Vocab Chap 11 (kh)

New York City, New York Where Washington served his term. temporary U.S capital.
Washington D.C. a ten squared mile area along the Potamac River.set aside land for the capital of the U.S.A.
Pierre L'Enfant French artist and engineer who designed Washington D.C. At the request of Washington.
Benjamin Banneker Astronomer, inventer, mathematician, and son of a freed slave, he surveyed the land on which Washington D.C. was built.
Abigail Adams Writer and wife of John Adams , She was the first lady to live in the white house.
electoral collage Group of people chosen by the people of each state who can vote for a President.
inauguration Ceremony in which a newly elected President takes place.
cabinet Officals apponited by the president as advisers and to head the departments in the executive branch.
political party organized group of people who share similar views of what the goverment should do.
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