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Illinois C.

What amendment allows states to make laws that are not in the Constitution? 10th Amendment
What two major responsibilities does the federal government depend on? Approving Amendments to the U.S constitution and the election of federal officials
How many votes must be ratified by state legislatures or special conventions? three-forths
Who are the two senators from Illinois that serve in Washington DC but represent our state? Dick Durban and Mark Kirk
How many state representatives do we send to Washington D.C? 19
What is census? A count of population in which they might change the districts boundaries.
What District were we in? 11th
What district are we in now? 2nd
Who is our district representative? Robyn Kelly
Who was our district representative? Jesse Jackson
When was our Constitution adopted? 1818
What year is the current Illinois Constitution from? 1970
Who is the head of the Illinois Executive Branch? Governer
How many people help the Governor? 5
Who are the people that help the governor? Lieutenant Governer Attorney General Secretary of State Comptroller Treasurer
What is the official name for our legislative branch? General Assembly
How many members of the senate are there? 59
How many members are there in the house of Representatives? 118
How many members are in the Illinois Supreme Court? 7
How many members are in the U.S Supreme Court? 9
The Supreme court heads what branch? Judicial Branch
How many appellate courts are there? 5
How many Judicial circuits are there? 22
who is our governor? Pat Quin
Who is our attorney General? Lisa Madigan
Who is our Secretary of state? Jesse White
Who is our Comptroller? Judy Barr Topinka
who is our treasurer? Dan Rutherford
What are the three biggest things that the state spends on? -healthcare and family services -Education -Human services
How does Illinois make money? -Federal Government -income tax -Sales tax
What senate district are we in? 40
what Illinois Representative district does our school sit- in? 79th
How many Illinois supreme courts are there? 1
Which branch is responsible for passing legislation involving state policy Legislative
Which branch is responsible for passing legislatation involving taxes Legislative
Which branch of the Illinois Government controls the budget of the State. Executive
This office is in charge of handling duties assigned by the Governor Lieutenant Governor
what office is in charge of Driver License facilities? Secretary of State
what office is the chief fiscal operator of the state? Comtroller
This person serves as the lawyer for the state of Illinois? Attorney General
This person serves as the chief investment officer for the state? Treasurer
What is the biggest form of revenue in the state of the Illinois? Federal Aid
Who sets educational policies for the state? The Illinois State Board of Education
What is the biggest budget item from the all funds total in the state of the Illinois? Healthcare and Family services
The Legislative Branch can impeach and convict members of which branch? Judicial and Executive
Each Legislative District in the state of Illinois is composed of how many senate districts? How many representatives districts? 1 and 2
State Representatives are elected every how many years? 2
The leader of the House of Representatives is called? Speaker of the House
The leader of the Senate is called? President of the Senate
Bills must be passed by ______ to take effect on ______ of the next year May 31st, January 1st
How many times must a bill be read in each chamber? 3
After the second reading the bill can be what? Amended
After the third reading the bill is what? Debated and Voted on
After the first reading the bill is what? introduced
If the second chamber approves the bill as written it then.. Goes to the Governer
If the second chamber makes changes to the bill it... Goes back to the first chamber
Who is the Governors person on education reform? Lieutenant Governer
If a Governor were to veto a law, what majority would be needed to revive it? 3/5th
Who is the Senate President? John Cullerton
Who is the Speaker of the House Michael Madigan
what is the first article? Bill of Rights
Created by: maricelapena
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